Tana Mongeau Exposes Texts About Addison Rae’s Dad & His Alleged Behavior Towards Younger Women

Tana has declared "war" on Monty.

Monty Lopez, Tana Mongeau, Addison Rae Instagram

Addison Rae's father, Monty Lopez, is reportedly feuding with influencer Tana Mongeau mere weeks after being exposed for cheating on Rae's mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling, with a much younger woman.

The father of three has been repeatedly slamming his estranged wife on social media but now seems to have turned on another female influencer — 24-year-old Mongeau.

Tana Mongeau and Monty Lopez's feud explained:

Mongeau first called out when his cheating scandal emerged last month, accusing him of partying and using drugs in LA.


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At the time, Lopez did not respond but has now ignited a new feud with the popular YouTuber after the father of three made inappropriate comments about Mongeau's "body count" on his social media.


It started after rapper Yung Gravy recently admitted in a recent podcast episode on both Jeff Wittek's podcast, "Jeff FM," and "BFFs" podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, that he was "going on a date soon" with Lopez's estranged wife, Sheri Nicole.

On his TikTok page, Lopez made a video challenging Yung Gravy to a fight.

“Watch your mouth BOY! You gonna get Chris ROCKED,” Lopez captioned a video duetting the clip of Yung Gravy discussing his upcoming date with Easterling.



In the comments section of his video, Lopez directly tagged Yung Gravy's account, writing: "Let’s get in the ring! PLEASE!!! If [you] have [balls] I’ll take them!” 


Lopez has since made a few more videos directly calling out Yung Gravy, but the rapper hasn't responded.

Under one of his videos, Mongeau jokingly commented that she was "calling the police" on Lopez, seemingly referring to his erratic behavior.

Lopez immediately replied to Mongeau: "About your body count?"

He then further berated Mongeau, telling the 24-year-old to "take a bath."

“I commented this, and then he said, ‘Go take a bath.’ I did bathe today. However, that’s beside the point,” she said on her Instagram Story.

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Mongeau then proceeded to call out Lopez, saying that she was "getting tired" of alleged texts and FaceTime calls from him.


She also posted texts from friends who claimed that Lopez had acted inappropriately toward them.



“And I think all of my young friends are very tired of him acting like this,” she continued. “So Monty, my dear, if you want war, so be it. I feel kind of strange beefing with this man at his prehistoric age.”

Lopez also posted to his Instagram story, fueling the drama with Mongeau. 


"Is Tana's body count above or below 300?" Lopez asked his followers, posting a poll for people to answer. 

Along with Lopez's comments toward Mongeau, he has also continued to speak badly about his estranged wife. In the comments section of Lopez's TikTok videos where he challenged Yung Gravy to a fight, Lopez responded to comments about Easterling.

"Don't let a bum come in and take your woman," one user wrote, to which Lopez responded: "Lol! She's not my woman."


Another comment read: "Do you want her back[?]" Lopez immediately responded: "Hard NO!" with the laughing emoji.

Addison Rae has now unfollowed her mom.

Amid the drama, Addison Rae, who hasn't spoken publicly about her father's infidelity, unfollowed both Lopez and most recently, her mother on Instagram.

A screenshot of Rae's following showed that she was no longer following Easterling, which was posted to the celebrity gossip page, TikTokRoom.

Easterling commented under the post, writing: "Heart-wrenching," with the emoticon of a sad face.

Easterling also warned fans that while Lopez's behavior may seem "funny to some" she feels "terrified" of her former husband.


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