Fan Posts Videos Inside Gabbie Hanna's Home Amid Alleged Mental Health Crisis

He took advantage of her mental health crisis.

Gabbie Hanna, Nick TikTok

Amid Gabbie Hanna’s alleged mental health crisis that unfolded on TikTok over the last few days, beginning on August 22, 2022, one man appeared in her videos toward the end of her posts on the social media platform.

Posing as a man who needed to use the bathroom, he knocked on the YouTuber’s door and asked to use her bathroom, gaining entry to her Studio City home in Los Angeles.

Gabbie Hanna fans are slamming Nick (@p.ui_) on TikTok.

After a full two days since the start of her concerning videos, a man named Nick began appearing in Hanna’s TikTok videos.


Almost immediately, fans shared their concerns and told her to get the stranger out of her house all while bashing Nick for what they believed was a clear attempt to take advantage of her situation.

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“He is not lost he knew it was your house,” someone said in Hanna's comments.

Another wrote, “He gives me bad vibes bro.”



She explained in a video that a friend had texted her about what was going on, and in reply, Hanna said that she was going to “go on a run for a guy who showed up at my house and was just feeling a little lost, asked to use the bathroom and now we’re going to go for a run together.”


The friend that texted Hanna told her that she needed to get that man out of her house, but she refused and claimed that he was “a brother in Christ” as they had prayed together, adding that she knew her friend meant well but that “[Nick] means well” too.

The videos with Nick continued as he seemingly played along with her mental health crisis, following her into the bathroom to sing and dance and agreeing with the things she was saying.

Eventually, Hanna took notice that Nick knew who she was and caught him going through her medicine.

She accused him of lying to her and told her to get out of his house, progressively getting louder and more serious in her tone until she was practically yelling.



Shortly after kicking Nick out of her home, Hanna stopped posting altogether and hasn’t posted since — her final TikTok claiming that someone had broken into her home.


What Hanna doesn’t know, is that Nick had gone live on his own TikTok and posted several videos confirming that he knew it was Hanna’s house and had gone there on purpose.

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In his own TikTok Live, Nick admitted to searching for the YouTuber's address on Google before showing up at her home.

Nick posted several TikTok videos inside Gabbie Hanna's home.

In an attempt to save face, he claimed that he truly wanted to help Hanna but didn’t know what he should do.

When he got home, he went back on TikTok and started answering questions from his previous videos during the incident, claiming that the entire time, he was only looking to help her in some way.




He claimed that what she was going through was something he’d “seen before,” and that he went over to her house to try and “break her out of that cycle.”

When he went Live on TikTok again to address the situation, another TikToker named Chelji was added to the stream and bashed him for what he did.



“What makes you think it’s okay to turn up to a very vulnerable person’s house,” they said, “pretend like you need the toilet to get let inside, and then pretend like you don’t know who the f--- they are, to take advantage and then take videos of it for clout.”


Chelji and Nick went back and forth, with Nick claiming that he was helping and Chelji trying to expose him for not actually doing anything to help at all.

When Nick kicked them out of the call, he claimed that “that girl has no idea what she’s talking about” claiming that he was doing the best that he could and that if he hadn’t played along, Hanna would have kicked him out much sooner.

Hanna’s last TikTok was posted midday yesterday, August 24, 2022, and hasn’t been updated since as fans assume that she’s currently getting the help that she needs.


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