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Logan Paul And Charly Jordan Spark Dating Rumors Ahead Of Floyd Mayweather Fight

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Logan Paul And Charly Jordan

Logan Paul might have a new girlfriend in his corner as he enters the ring for his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather on Sunday, June 6.

The YouTuber turned boxing star has been linked to fellow social media star and influencer Charly Jordan several times in the midst of his training for the fight.

Who is Charly Jordan?

Charly Jordan, 22, is a DJ, social media influencer, Smoke Roses director and model known for making travel content, DJing and, of course, the obligatory TikTok dances. And influencer in her own right, she has a loyal following of 6.3 million followers on TikTok and 4.6 million followers on Instagram, as well as 420,000 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 40,000 followers on Twitter.

Are Logan Paul and Charly Jordan dating?

Paul has been single (as far as we know) since ending his relationship with model Josie Canseco at the end of 2020. Jordan also became newly single after calling it quits on her high-profile relationship with TikToker Tayler Holder in March.

Rumors the two are dating first started surfacing in April 2021. And while Jordan recently told the guys at The Sync Network, "I am not dating Logan Paul," speculation is continuing to grow in the lead-up to Paul’s fight.

Here’s a look at why fans think Logan Paul and Charly Jordan might be dating.

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Rumors that Charly Jordan and Logan Paul are dating took off after they were seen together at Jake Paul’s fight.

Jordan and Paul were seen hanging out in April while attending Jake Paul’s fight against Ben Askren in Atlanta.

Jordan appeared to be close with the entire Paul family, sitting with Logan and his mother during the fight.

Of course, sitting together at a large gathering doesn’t necessarily mean they are dating, but Jordan’s ex, who was also in attendance, added fuel to the fire by posting a cryptic tweet the following day.

Holder appeared to be frustrated with something — or someone — he saw at the fight.

“It’s crazy how fast someone can f—k your night up,” he tweeted.

It was then revealed that Paul and Jordan had previously been spotted in New York together.

The day after the fight, reports surfaced that not only had the two been cozy at Jake's fight, but they had already traveled together to New York.

Photos from Instagram stories posted by Jordan herself, as well as others posted by friends, show the two hanging out on multiple occasions.

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Jordan also visited Logan Paul’s training camp in Puerto Rico.

When Paul set up camp in Puerto Rico to prepare for his fight, Jordan decided to pay him a visit.

Paul rented a $13 million mansion after announcing he was leaving Los Angeles in search of a “change” — and maybe some tax breaks.

Jordan joined Paul and his friends for a vacation at the impressive mansion, sharing a vlog featuring her rumored boyfriend while she was there.

As much as we ship them, Jordan and Paul have both denied dating rumors.

In an interview earlier this week, Jordan was asked about images of the pair hanging out and addressed the rumors for the first time, saying it was all just speculation.

She clarified that she and Paul have been Just friends for some time and were hanging out in a purely platonic setting.

"Yeah, i know the internet really likes to take things and run with it," she said. "Everyone took it out of context. Everyone thought it was this whole thing. And I was just [cracking] up."

For his Paul was also asked if he would be dedicating his Mayweather win to Jordan while doing promo for the fight and confirmed that he would not.

"I'm going to set the record straight right now," Paul said. "That is not true."

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