Casey Neistat’s David Dobrik Documentary May Deliver A Final Blow To The Almost-Canceled Vlogger

This documentary is making waves.

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Right as the conflict between former friends David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek was heating up, Casey Neistat announced that he would be releasing a documentary titled, “Under the Influence.”

The documentary is about Dobrik and his rise and fall were first viewed on March 12, 2022, at South by Southwest.

And those who got a first look at the action may be left feeling even more horrified by Dobrik's 2021 downfall.


As reviews emerged online, revealing the internet's favorite vlogger to be even more controversial than previously thought, fans have one question.

How can you watch Casey Neistat's David Dobrik documentary, Under The Influence?

The documentary has not yet been released to the public as Neistat is still seeking distributors to pick up the piece.

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For now, "Under The Influence" has just been shown exclusively at South by Southwest initially, leaving the internet only clips, previews, and some really potent quotes.


Critics that have seen the documentary are raving about it.


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What is Neistat’s documentary about?

With the exclusive release of the documentary only to South by Southwest in person and online attendees, many are wondering what all of the fuss is about.

The description for the documentary says that it set out to, “capture one of the most precipitous rise-and-falls in the history of the internet…in real-time.”

Much of what is being said online is foreboding for Dobrik, such as one outlet that writes that the documentary depicts Dobrik’s “inevitable reckoning.”

The documentary is said to discuss many of the controversial events of Dobrik’s rise to stardom, including allegations of sexual assault within his group and the accident that nearly killed Dobrik's friend Jeff Wittek.


Already, the internet has been ablaze with criticism towards Dobrik and his team after the documentary caputured the vlogger saying his vlogs are "not funny, unless someone gets hurt.” 

Viewers also watched Dobrik's assistant, Natalie Mariduena, pressuring fellow Vlog Squad member, Corinna Kopf, to take off her top while filming a party scene.

When speaking on Wittek's accident, Dobrik appears to shrink away from blame.

"Jeff, for some reason, thought that I wasn't getting the shot," he tells Neistat. "So Jeff was like, 'Let's do something more exciting,' and I am always down for more exciting, if someone brings up an idea of doing something cooler, I'm always down for that."


He does the same when Neistat sits down with him after the release of a 2021 article claiming a woman was raped after being coorced into having sex with Dobrik's friend, Durte Dom, for a vlog.

"I don't want to respond to it because I don't want to feed the fire of just gossip and hate and drama," Dobrik says.

"I've always wanted to be a person that when you see me, you're just like, laughing or smiling or you're pumped to have me around… now I'm stained forever with something that I don't necessarily think I should be stained with."


Neistat revealed that Dobrik has watched the film but insinuated that he is not happy with it. Neistat says they have not spoken since their final interview.

But, as we wait for the doc to be released, Neistat may hold the final card that will decide how the internet views Dobrik.

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