Why Doja Cat Is Being Credited For A Money Manifestation That Claims To Give Users $3,111

Thanks, Doja!

Doja Cat, tiktok manifestation Instagram / TikTok

If you’ve been on Gen Z's favorite app recently, you may have come across many TikTok videos alluding to a popular manifestation trend using Doja Cat’s name.

The September 1st manifestation challenge is taking the app by storm, with hundreds of users posting and participating in the trend. 

What is the Doja Cat's September 1st manifestation on TikTok?

The TikTok videos claim Doja Cat manifested that everyone who uses the sound included in the trend will receive $3,111 — though no evidence of the rapper talking about the manifestation could be found.


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“Rumor has it, doja cat manifested for everyone to receive $3,111 on September 1st ‘if they use this sound,” TikTok user @lifewjan shared in a video. “Personally I don’t wanna wake up September 1st saying “damn I should’ve listened to my girl doja cat. So i’m using this sound.” 



In order to participate in the September 1st manifestation, TikTok users must create a video using the audio “Beach Waves Sounds- Ocean Sounds, Sea Waves Sounds and Ocean Wave.” 


After doing so they will allegedly receive $3,111 on September 1st — but we'll see about that. Either way, it won't hurt to use the sound to attract good energy into your life!

Over 3 million videos have been posted using the supposedly blessed audio sound. The hashtag #3111 and #manifesting3111 has racked up over 13 million views. 

Users were quick to jump on board in hopes of their manifestations coming to life. 

“Doja Cat manifested that everyone who uses this sound before August 31 will receive $3,111. Obvi we not skipping it bc I’m superstitious afffff” another user shared. 



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According to some users, the trend indeed works and they have already received a cash bonus. 

TikTok user @wendyskin claims that she received $3,252.58 in her bank account after using the audio. 



“I never skipped a single one of these videos & woke up to this in my bank account. Thank you doja cat!!!!” she wrote. 


Another user shared that she received $3,000 through Zelle and earned $111 in tip money the previous night. “Doja cat stop playing with me right now. I’m shaking,” she wrote. 



Despite Doja Cat’s name being included in nearly every one of these manifestation videos, there is no evidence that the artist is the one who started the trend. 

Doja Cat herself has yet to make a statement about the viral TikTok videos that users are crediting her for. 

It can be assumed that it started with one TikTok user using Doja Cat’s name in the trend for humor and other users joining in. 


Doja Cat may be confused on September 1st when she is slammed with messages from fans who did not receive their promised money after using the sound that she supposedly started! 

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