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Timothée Chalamet Fans Are 'Distressed & Devastated' By The Video Of Him Kissing Kylie Jenner

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Timothée Chalamet, Kylie Jenner

Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour came through Los Angeles for three nights, culminating in the icon’s 42nd birthday celebration on September 4, 2023. In true star-studded style, celebrities came out in full force, including Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner.

Video footage captured the apparent hard launch of their romance, as they were seen holding hands and embracing throughout the show. 

Many Timothée Chalamet fans report feeling ‘distressed and devastated’ by him kissing Kylie Jenner.

As videos of the recently established couple make the internet rounds, Chalamet’s hardcore fans have made their distaste well known. TMZ posted one such video, featuring fairly blurred footage of Chalamet and Jenner dancing, singing, and making out, seemingly enjoying their time together. 



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The recording was enough to send Chalamet’s fan base into the stratosphere.

According to an Instagram post, originating from the account Club Chalamet, fans have declared themselves “sad and furious,” along with “absolutely devastated and disappointed” by his choice to date Jenner. 

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The narrative seems to be that Chalamet, as one of Hollywood’s indie darlings, is dating beneath his perceived social status and worth, now that he’s involved with Jenner. Yet, as one celebrity commentator noted, Jenner actually does line up with other women Chalamet has dated. Any declaration otherwise plays into a misogynist attitude, one that aims to take Jenner down.

As posted on TikTok by Shannon from the account Fluently Forward, Chalamet’s dating history follows a certain trajectory, one that Jenner fits right into. 

“It lines up for him wanting to date Kylie Jenner,” she noted, speaking against a background of photos of Chalamet’s former girlfriends. “Who’s this nepo baby? Daughter of Madonna,” she exclaimed. “Who’s this nepo baby… Beautiful, Instagram-type nepo baby,” posting a picture of Chalamet with Lily-Rose Depp. 



“The model-influencer type, this is Timothee Chalamet’s type,” she explained. “So, Kylie Jenner is exactly his type.”

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Claims that Jenner doesn’t fit the mold of who Chalamet dates have major undertones of misogyny. 

Many people in the subreddit r/popculturechat commented that the extreme reaction from Chalamet fans seems disconnected from reality.

Some noted that appreciating a celebrity’s artistry and appearance doesn’t give anyone the right to make claims about how they conduct their personal life. Others spoke to the misogynist attitude being directed towards Jenner. 

As one person said, “He's not better than her. They are both attractive, young, wealthy, privileged people that live in the same Hollywood bubble.” Someone else stated, “The internalized misogyny is too much.”

“At absolute most, it's a mutual PR relationship, with it more likely just being a standard rich celeb couple in their 20s,” said another person.

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It's inherently misogynist to make a judgment call on the type of woman Jenner is, and whether or not she "deserves" Chalamet. Doing so removes any form of agency she and Chalamet have as consenting adults choosing to be together. 

It's that particular line of patriarchal thinking that pits women against each other, instead of recognizing that all people have worth, even if their values and lifestyle don't align with our own.

It's worth questioning why the currents of ingrained hatred towards Jenner and the larger Kardashian network are so strong. What does the strength of that emotion say about the people holding it? What does that emotion mirror?

Being a fan of a public figure should allow for recognizing that despite their extreme privilege, celebrities, at their core, are just people. They’re entitled to a private life, one they don’t have to justify to anyone else.

Even if their admiration runs deep, fans aren’t owed an explanation for the choices a beloved celebrity makes. 

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