Fans Think Kim & Kanye Might Be Back Together After They Appear To Swap Clothes After Hanging Out

Kim was seen wearing a very suspicious 'clue.'

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Instagram / Twitter

Some fans believe that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may secretly be back together, at the expense of her current boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Fans on two different Kardashian-centric subreddits began theorizing at the possible Kimye reunion after noticing some apparent clues in both of their wardrobes. 

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian wore the same hat just days apart.

West was spotted wearing the hat in question at their daughter North’s basketball game on Friday. Kardashian, who was also present at the basketball game, was then seen donning the same hat on Wednesday while in New York City.


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Additionally, TMZ reported that the two spoke to each other throughout the game and appeared to be on relatively good terms. They also attended their son Saint’s soccer game in March, but they did not interact much there.


It's unclear what brand made the cap but Kardashian was seen wearing it with a outfit comprised mainly of Vetements and Balenciaga items — all of which are designed by Demna Gvasalia.

Gvasalia, a friend of both West and Kardashian, has dressed both members of the former couple throughout their breakup and divorce so this isn't the first time they've donned similar styles.

Fans are still hoping from a Kimye reconciliation.

Seeing the former couple donning the same cap sparked widespread discussion on social media. Some fans believe that the shared wardrobe hinted at the two starting to reconcile after their messy break-up, with potential for more down the line. 

Kardashian's boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is currently filming in Australia so Kimye fans are holding out hope that the former couple will find their way back to one another in his absense.


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“This is probably the first steps of them getting back together,” one fan said. “I don’t even think her and Pete are real. It was just too convenient of her to choose Pete out of all the guys to date, knowing they’ve all hung out together. 

“I really think it was to make Pete more famous and show Kim’s more “human” side. I think they’re all stunt queens including Kanye.”

On the other hand, many fans believed that it wasn’t noteworthy, and that they would soon be resuming life as usual.

“As long as Pete is in Australia and we don’t see any sightings of them together for a bit, this is what we are gonna be subjected to,” one fan said.


“This shouldn’t bug me because it’s completely insignificant but I find it mildly annoying that she can’t find her own sense of style outside of the Kanye vision,” another fan said. 

Getting back together after a divorce and other relationships can be complicated.

We asked Larry Michel, a marriage and couples counselor based in San Diego, about what steps are neccessary to make reconciliations successful.

“There are a couple critical factors that make this possible and when it does happen, it is actually better than the first time around,” Michel said.


“Number one, they have matured enough to fully appreciate what they had and who they have become as a result of their time apart."

Michel also says it is neccesary for couples to have "up-leveled substantially in their ability to be truly emotionally intimate with their partner resulting in better communication, enhanced appreciation for each others needs, the ability to embrace common a vision for their future together. When this happens like this it can be a huge success.”

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