Pete Davidson Dumped Kim Kardashian Because Of 2 Major Red Flags, Claims Source

Did Davidson escape the Kardashian curse?

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Pete Davidson broke up with Kim Kardashian because of two key "red flags" she exhibited, a source has claimed.

The "SNL" comedian and the billionaire businesswoman split earlier this month after just 9 months together and while many suspected the mom-of-four was the one to pull the plug, sources are claiming it was actually Davidson who did the dumping.

Pete Davidson allegedly saw 'red flags' while dating Kim Kardashian.

Speaking to the Heat World, the source claimed Davidson could no longer tolerate how much Kardashian wanted to micromanage his life.


"Kim was constantly micro-managing him, even telling him what he was allowed to wear," the source claims.

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"The Kardashians" star reportedly also "insisted he only be seen in brands that were affiliated with her family deals."

Davidson, who refused to appear in the first season of Kardashian's Hulu show but is expected to be featured in the upcoming season, was also being asked to attend "endless meetings," the source claims.

The second red flag was allegedly Kardashian's desire to control his image. Davidson reportedly felt her obsession with looks was too much to bear.


Her weight loss of 21 lbs made her obsessed to the point she expected her boyfriend Davidson to jump on the wagon with her on strict dieting and fitness regime.

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"He had to keep up with her weight loss regime  get in shape, stay off the junk food and look the part of her future husband," the source continues.

"By the time the Australia shoot came up, Pete was thrilled to be away from all Kim's diet and exercise obsessing, but he still had to contend with her being on his case 24/7 about what he was up to."

Kris Jenner was also too demanding for Pete Davidson.

It was also reported that Kardashian's mom was pressuring Davidson to propose to the Kardashian


"Kris had picked out a ring and wanted to stage this Kourtney and Travis-style engagement for the show. He found that tacky and kept kicking the idea into the long grass, which Kim and Kris took to mean he was stalling on the engagement."

Davidson reportedly didn't want the relationship to end this way and doesn't think badly of the star but he's ready to move on.

"Pete went into this relationship with the best of intentions," the source adds, "He feels bad that Kim’s upset by his decision to end things, but also feels like he was left with no choice. It had reached the point where it was all people asked him about, like his career as a successful SNL comedian and actor had flown out of the window and all of a sudden he was Mr Kim Kardashian.”


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