Fans Think Jaden Hossler Is Dating Cooper Noriega's Older Sister After Stirring Drama Over His Death

It's causing all sorts of drama.

Parker Noriega, Jaden Hossler Instagram

Rumors have started emerging on social media that TikToker Jaden Hossler is dating Cooper Noriega's older sister, Parker Noriega.

Cooper, who passed away on June 9 from a drug overdose, had been a longtime friend of Jaden, as has Parker. However, recently fans have noticed that Jaden and Parker, who goes by Parker Blaine on Instagram and TikTok, seem to be spending quite a lot of time together.

The pair have been supporting one another in their shared grief but, with Parker posting recent TikToks with Jaden, and Jaden tagging Parker in a recent Instagram posts, fans are curious if there's more to their relationship.


Are Parker Noriega & Jaden Hossler dating?

Fans are theorizing that the two are currently dating, and even had a fling in the past as well, based on the drama that is unfolding between Jaden, Parker, and fellow TikToker Josh Richards.

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On July 24, Parker posted a photo of Jaden on her Instagram story, captioning it: "is this crop top triggering for you?" She tagged both Josh and the "BFFs" podcasts' Instagram, which Josh hosts alongside Dave Portnoy.



Just days before Cooper's death, the TikToker appeared on the podcast, and co-host Portnoy made a comment that the crop top Cooper had been wearing was "triggering."


Fans pointed out in the comments of the now-deleted episode that Cooper appeared uncomfortable with Portnoy's comments about his outfit.

However, Cooper later cleared the air on his TikTok right before his death, telling his fans that he and Portnoy were fine and that he "love[s] Dave."

After Parker posted the image, seemingly calling out Josh and Portnoy, Jaden reposted the image to his own Instagram story.

Fans think Parker and Jaden may have had a fling before Cooper passed away.

Fans immediately started calling out both Parker and Jaden for causing drama over something that Cooper had squashed himself, with others claiming that Cooper had unfollowed his sister, Parker, and wasn't on good terms with Jaden before his death.


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While on the "BFFs" podcast, Cooper had spoken about his and Hossler's friendship, saying, "Me and him had some issues. We just stopped kinda talking."

Though, he also spoke about being open to a reconciliation. 


Other fans, however, pointed out that Parker and Jaden's alleged relationship might have been the cause of why Cooper had supposedly unfollowed his sister and had a falling out with his best friend.

After Jaden split from girlfriend Nessa Barrett amid cheating rumors, Cooper seemed to side with Nessa.

This has prompted fans to theorize that an alleged fling between Parker and Jaden pushed Cooper away from his sister and friend. 

Jaden's ex-girlfriend, Mads Lewis, also insinuated there was drama between Cooper and Jaden before his death. 

After the news of the teenager's passing emerged, she stated in a now-deleted tweet: "Y'all know nothing. Please stop using Jaden's music over edits of Cooper. It's disrespectful. You're a hypocrite, Jaden."


Parker appeared to address dating rumors with Jaden.

As fans quizzed her about her relationship with Jaden, Parker pinned a comment that mentioned his ex's and appears to insinuate there's something going on between her and the "Angels And Demons" singer.

Despite the number of fans that seem to believe that Hossler and Parker might be dating, neither of them has confirmed the rumors.


Though Parker cleared the air about her relationship with Nessa and possibly denied that she and Jaden were dating at the same time, by replying to a fan's comment and writing: "Nessa and I are still close. Stop making assumptions honey."

Fans are becoming increasingly harsh towards Parker and Jaden despite the fact that the pair are dealing with unimaginable grief following Cooper's death. Hopefully all parties will be able to practice kindness as they push through this challenging time.

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