Addison Rae’s Dad Allegedly Caught Cheating On Her Mom With Teenager In TikTok Video

He was allegedly dating another woman for 5 months.

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TikTok star Addison Rae's father, Monty Lopez is coming under fire after a viral video shows him allegedly cheating on Rae's mother with a teenager.

Rae, who has over 88 million followers on TikTok, regularly shares video with her father but now it appears their family is going through a tough time.

Fans noticed both Rae unfollowed her father on social media. Her mother, Sheri Nicole Easterling also removed the word "wife" from her Instagram bio as well as unfollowing him on the platform.


Lopez's bio still says he is a "husband to @sherinicole."

After Rae unfollowed her dad, viral social media posts revealed why.

Did Addison Rae's dad, Monty Lopez, cheat on her mom? 

Several viral TikTok video appear to suggest, Lopez, 46, cheated on his wife with much younger women.

On July 4, a video shows user @iamjessk facetiming Lopez. The woman is reportedly 19, two years younger than Rae.

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Although Lopez's face is difficult to make out, fans pointed out that the voice heard in the video sounds similar to his. 


In the clip, the father of three can be heard telling the girl, "I want to screenshot you, I can't look at your gram so..." 

In a second video, it showed Lopez in a club, looking quite close to a younger-looking woman as the two conversed. The unidentified woman also told the person recording the video that "Addison Rae's dad is trying to f-k me."

The video cuts to another moment in the club where Lopez is seen talking in the woman's ear.


A woman claimed she has been the girlfriend of Addison Rae's dad for 5 months.

After both videos started resurfacing online, a woman named Renee Ash came forward with claims that she had been in a relationship with Lopez for the past five months, providing photos and screenshots of messages between the pair.



"Cannot believe the actions made by this person," she wrote in a caption of a photo of her and Lopez kissing. In another photo, she shared messages between her and Lopez, where the two seemed to be discussing being approached by paparazzi.

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"The long[er] we hold back, the bigger the cheks (sic)," Lopez wrote to Ash in the texts, adding, "Please be the queen of my empire" and telling her "I love [you]."

In an Instagram story, Ash clarified that she would speak about her relationship with Lopez when she was ready, writing, "There are two sides to every story. When I am ready to discuss the situation, I will be happy to share my side."


Sheri Nicole Easterling appears to be hurt by the allegations.

Following the speculation that Lopez cheated on Rae's mother, Easterling tweeted a subliminal message that had fans wondering if she was referring to her husband's alleged infidelity.

"I deserve happiness, peace, joy, hope, love, patience, kindness," she wrote.

Neither Rae nor her mother has publicly addressed the allegations.


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