Stripper Reveals Which Celebrity Customers Are Allegedly Terrible Tippers And Who Is Happy To Pay Up

Some of these celebrities might shock you.

Last updated on Nov 12, 2023

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Just because someone appears to have a lot of money doesn't always mean they're generous with their tips.

A stripper exposed which high-profile celebrities are allegedly the best and worst tippers at the club.

TikToker Amanda DiMeo, 26, posted two separate videos on her account in which she went through a list of A-list celebrities who have frequented the club she works in who have either left incredibly generous tips or none at all.


“I've been a dancer for a little over six years. I've worked all over the country, so I do have a little insight on celebrities in the strip club,” DiMeo explained in her video.



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DiMeo praised certain celebrities for being good tippers.

According to DiMeo, Drake is incredibly generous to the dancers at the clubs.

“He does make you get a plastic bag and pick that money up,” DiMeo said. “I didn't make money off him personally, but I know people that did.”

DiMeo went on to compliment Usher, although she alleged that the singer didn’t spend any money on the dancers themselves.

“He didn't really throw money on any of the girls or want to do anything with any of the dancers, necessarily,” DiMeo said. “But he only had a couple hundred dollars on his tab that he had to pay, and he ended up tipping the cocktail waitress a little over $2,000.”


DiMeo also praised the rap duo, Rae Sremmurd, which consists of Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee. DiMeo said that even though the duo had been paid to perform at the strip club where she was dancing, “they still threw a lot of money on all the girls and showed love to everyone,” which DiMeo said she thought was “really cool.”

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DiMeo posted a follow-up exposing celebrities who allegedly don't tip well.



Back when Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were still a couple, the pair allegedly made a stop at the strip club where DiMeo worked and didn’t leave any money behind for the dancers.


“J-Lo and A-Rod came into the club, did a room with the dancer, and didn't even tip her,” DiMeo said. “This was when I was working in New York and she was about to film the movie 'Hustlers,' so I only think she went into the club to learn about strippers.”

Another celebrity on DiMeo’s list was reality star Scott Disick, who DiMeo alleged didn’t spend any money at the club, although she suspected that was because it was late and Disick "seemed really lit," DiMeo said.

“He did not spend any money in the strip club. He also seemed really lit and it was like 4:30 in the morning,” she claimed. “So I dunno, maybe that's why.”

DiMeo also mentioned rapper Lil Uzi Vert, whom she said she met at the club she worked at six years ago before Uzi Vert skyrocketed to fame. She claimed that he made a cocktail waitress pull her from the stage and come over to his section.


“He was saying how he's going to be this huge, big rap star, blah, blah, blah,” she recalled. “I didn't believe him. He didn't spend any money... This was like back in 2014/2015, so he only had like 100,000 followers on Instagram. I kind of laugh at this one because he did end up being a big rapper.”

DiMeo also spoke about rapper Meek Mill, who she claimed didn’t tip anyone at the club, not even the waitresses who served him food.

“Meek Mill comes into the club, orders food, doesn't tip any of the girls, doesn't even tip the cocktail waitress or the food waitress,” she said. “Not even the food waitress for serving his food. Cheap?”

The entire Baltimore Ravens team also made the list, with DiMeo recalling how they all came in “and didn’t spend any money and were super aggressive.”


Tipping culture is a hotly debated subject, apparently even amongst those perceived to have the most money.

As prices and expectations for tips increase across all industries, people are experiencing what some have called "tip fatigue."

“Inflation and general economic unease seem to be making Americans stingier with their tipping habits, yet we’re confronted with more invitations to tip than ever,” Ted Rossman, Bankrate’s senior industry analyst, told CNBC

While this makes sense for people who are struggling to get by, many people wouldn't expect well-off celebrities to lack in the tipping department. However, this is just one woman's experience, and none of these claims have been independently verified.


Be sure to tip your bartenders and wait staff, people!

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