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Instagram Model Allegedly Threatened To Sue Drake After He Put Hot Sauce In Used Condom

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Drake hot sauce in condom

A bizarre claim that Drake put hot sauce in a used condom is gaining a lot of attention on Twitter and Instagram. 

The Instagram gossip account TooMuchHotTea posted a photo on January 9th, saying the rapper had allegedly had sex with the Instagram model he met over the app a few weeks ago. 

They had met at a party, where the two went back to his hotel room and smoked weed. 

“He asked if she wanted to have sex. She said he was very intent on ensuring things were consensual” the post claims. 

The post then goes into several graphic details of the sexual encounter and claims that Drake disposed of the condom immediately following. 

However, the model allegedly went into the bathroom and picked the condom out of the trash to insert the contents of the condom into her — supposedly to impregnate herself. 

She didn’t expect what happened next. 

Drake allegedly put hot sauce into the used condom to prevent pregnancy.

The model reportedly started to scream and she said it felt like “pouring hot lava” into her vagina, according to the Instagram post. 

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This is when Drake came running into the bathroom and supposedly admitted he poured a packet of hot sauce into the condom to kill the sperm. 

Several outlets have now claimed that the unnamed model is threatening to sue him — though there doesn't seem to be evidence of this plan yet. 

Although, if the claim is true it could seriously backfire against the woman as it looks as though the model tried self insemination without consent from Drake. 

Does hot sauce kill sperm and prevent pregnancy?

In August of 2022, a medical lab student on TikTok tested putting hot sauce on sperm and looking at it under a microscope to see if the claims were true. 



The resulst allegedly showed that the hot sauce trick DID work to kill sperm. So if this Instagram model story is accurate, maybe Drake was on to something after all? 

Fans have been spreading the claims about Drake online. 

Many were questioning whether this could be true under the original Instagram post. 

One user, bigdtheweatherman said, “I don’t believe any of this but if this scenario was true, she’s suing someone after she voluntarily went into the trash and inserted that trash into her body and wants them to be liable for her doing so??!!” 

Similarly, several commenters say Drake is innocent and the fault is on her. 

Savvylife_ said, “Sue him ?!!! who told her to do that ?!!.. he probably knew she would do it that's why he did it . I see no problem here”

Another comment, from ketagrl1 said, “He did that to prevent her from inseminating his sperm without his permission(which should be illegal if it isn't) so she got what she got.”

She continued, “Honestly it's sad that a man would have to go to this level to protect himself. I mean If any of this is actually true.” 

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People on Twitter however, are continuing to poke fun at the outrageous story. 

User named 6ixroses posted a screenshot of the Instagram story to Twitter and it has started a large thread full of memes and questions. 

One of the tweets read, “Drake in the next room when he heard the scream” with a gif from the horror movie MA starring Octavia Spencer. 

Several also posted screenshots of the google search “does hot sauce kill sperm” which seems to have gained popularity since the story broke.

Seems the most common reaction to the story is utter disbelief and laughing emojis. 

It will be interesting to see how this wild claim plays out. 

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