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A Server Shares The Tip Post Malone Left On A $2,633 Bill That Was Supposed To Have A Mandatory 22% Gratuity

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Post Malone's tip

You’ve no doubt heard some insane tipping stories while searching the web. People who don’t tip on thousand-dollar bills, people who explain why they don’t tip for some egregious reason — but perhaps none will come close to the tip Post Malone gave on a bill.

During an event at an undisclosed location, Post Malone was given a bill in which a 22% gratuity was already included — a mandatory gratuity. While most people would leave that as their tip and pay their checks and leave, Post Malone had another idea.

Post Malone tipped the bill and then some on a $2,633 check at a restaurant with mandatory gratuity.

On a viral post in the “r/ServerLife” subreddit from October 10, 2023, a server with nearly 20 years of experience claimed that she had received the best tip ever from the “White Iverson” rapper, Austin Richard Post, more commonly known as Post Malone.

The post's title reads, “Post Malone is a wonderful person and a great tipper,” with the caption reading similar sentiments, reading, “Been serving nearly 20 years and by far the best tip I have ever received. Such a genuine and cool dude.”

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When you look at the bill's contents, it’s clear to see why. Although all of the identifying information is blurred out (for Posty’s safety), people can clearly see the price of the bill and all of the gratuities and payments added on.

The subtotal for the check was $2,633, a pretty heavy sum for a party or event, but nothing the rapper worth $45 million can’t pay. The mandatory 22% tip was added before tax, which for this bill came out to $535.26.

Although most people would call it quits there and not even look at the “Additional Tip” box, Post Malone ventured even further beyond. The tax was a whopping $304.24, culminating in a $3,472.50 charge for the entire event. 

The tip that Post Malone provided? A smooth $3,000, making the total come out to $6,472.50. It’s still nothing that a rich and famous rapper can’t handle, but it's definitely above and beyond what’s expected from anybody dining at a restaurant.

Adding the mandatory gratuity means that Post Malone paid $3,535.26 in tips — a generous payment to an eternally grateful server that begged the question if there were any other generous or cheap celebrities that anyone was aware of, but this isn’t out of the ordinary for someone like Post Malone.

post malone leaves large tip on billPhoto: Reddit

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Post Malone is a commonly known good tipper and all-around kind person.

In 2019, EATER Los Angeles reported on Post Malone’s visit to the iconic Mel’s Drive-In on Sunset Blvd. According to the site, Post Malone took the time out to snap photos and chat with fans, all while dressed in a kilt. An insider claims that he left a $1,000 tip for the staff, which is incredibly generous considering there’s no way a diner trip could come out to an amount close to that.

Aside from these two tipping stories, Post Malone is known for being a kind and caring guy, often going out of his way to help fans or donate to charities.

Earlier this year in May 2023, a Scottish singer-songwriter named Gregor Hunter Coleman met Post Malone while performing at Wunderbar in the Glasgow city center, according to BBC. Coleman was offered a drink, to which he replied, “Listen, I’m saving for a house so I’m not drinking just now.”

Since Post had liked his music, he wanted to hire him to perform at a private event close by. Coleman refused to accept payment, stating that it would be “the chance of a lifetime,” and that’s when Posty decided to take matters into his own hands and talk to him about giving him a down payment for the house he was saving for.

Post Malone also once donated new shoes for frontline workers in hospitals nationwide. He donated a signed electric guitar to raise money for Camp Hope Utah to sponsor abused kids. He even rallied fans to help him donate $1 million do a charity of their choice, landing on St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Whether or not you're a fan of his music, there's no denying that Post Malone is a generous and kind guy. And it's certainly something we need more of in this world.

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