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Kim Kardashian Fans Say There Is ‘Proof’ That She Is Deliberately Stirring Drama With Kanye West

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Kim Kardashian tinsel coat and Kanye West

Since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's divorce turned sour in October, there has been a whirlwind of drama between the rapper, the SKIMS founder, and her boyfriend Pete Davidson.

Fans have been following every minute of it and many have been sympathetic towards Kardashian as she navigates her ex-husband's constant insults.

But, for others, the drama is just another part of the Kardashian PR machine.

Fans on the “r/KUWTK” subreddit have compiled a shortlist of key moments in the drama that they believe prove West’s innocence and pin the blame on Kardashian.

Here’s why some fans believe that Kim Kardashian has been pushing Kanye West’s buttons this whole time.

“Kim has been deliberately provoking Kanye’s erratic behavior since SNL,” said the original post. “She does it to either paint a certain narrative, to garner attention, [to] distract from the negative press, or to flat out drive Kanye crazy. It especially becomes apparent when you look at the timing of certain things happening.”

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Now, people have been speculating that the Kardashians — and not just Kim — stir the pot on purpose to promote their shows or products or brand for years, but this person believes they have the receipts to prove that it’s not just West struggling with his mental health issues.

This person claims that Kardashian has been fanning the flames by deliberately poking West at inopportune moments.

Kim Kardashian has continued to post TikToks with North despite Kanye West's complaints.

Ever since August, West has been vocal about his opposition to North West going on TikTok, and this Reddit user claims that Kardashian might have gone ahead with creating the account “about the time when the Kete dating rumors started bubbling up.”

This was weeks after her SNL debut which was very well-received by the public and family members like Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.

During this time period, the Redditor points out that West purchased a $23,000 tinsel coat to celebrate her SNL appearance. Fans think Kardashian uses the coat to poke at West.

After one of their TikTok debacles, the Redditor says “Kim isn’t open to compromise and justifies it by calling herself the ‘main provider’ of North - a clear dig against Kanye and his ideas of fatherhood.”

As some sort of petty revenge, the Redditor believes that Kim deliberately wore that same tinsel coat out to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Davidson a week later, but that’s not all.

Fans suspect that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are getting spotted together on purpose.

“On 11th March 2022 when Kanye and Chaney [Jones] had a date night at the Laker’s game planned,” they continued, “Kim out of the blue decides to go Instagram official with Pete by posting pictures of them from Valentine’s Day where she’s wearing the $23k grey tinsel coat that Kanye gifted her for SNL.”

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While that’s the last we’ll see of that grey tinsel coat, it won’t be the last we see about Kanye’s new girlfriend, Chaney Jones, as video footage confirms she met Kanye’s grandmother.

But of course, in this narrative painted by a Reddit user, “a day later there’s a TMZ article about Kim meeting Pete’s grandparents.”

Some of this might look like damning evidence, especially since it’s a relationship no-no to wear the $23,000 coat your ex gave you on dates with your new man, but it’s not something that can be confirmed.

It sounds like this Redditor is trying to paint their own narrative that Kardashian is some sort of petty ex that just wants to press into West, and not that she’s simply reacting to his overreactions.

Blaming Kim Kardashian for Kanye West's behavior is unfair.

The truth is that West has been nothing but cruel to Kardashian and it's not her job to tip-toe around him.

West has demeaned Kardashian, insulted her new relation and made an entire music video with gross depictions of clay-Davidson’s death.

While one can look at the points that this Redditor argued and believe how Kardashian could be doing it on purpose, it looks more like Kardashian is done trying to reason with an unreasonable man.

Not to mention that even if it were true, it would in no way excuse or justify any of the harassment, manipulation, and emotional abuse that West has been inflicting on Kardashian for the past six months.

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