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6 Strict Rules Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Have For Their Nannies

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Chrissy Teigen, John Legend

Hollywood couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been clear about the chaos of their household, including when it comes to taking care of their two children, Luna and Miles. In their 2019 cover issue of Vanity Fair, the couple shares that they “hate pretending that we do it on our own”. 

“We have daytime help, nighttime, weekend. I don’t know how my mom did it”, Teigen continues. 

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With all of their extra help, the celebrity duo is open on social media with their team — expressing gratitude for all the extra hands that “make [their] dysfunctional house functional”. 

Here are 8 strict rules Chrissy Teigen & John Legend have for their nannies. 

1. No hiring 'hot nannies.'

Prior to having children with Legend, Teigen shared at Lauren Conrad’s 2015 New York Fashion Week show her “ongoing joke” with Legend about “no hot nannies”. 

“I trust John, but you never know with these men”, she joked. 

Later, Teigen responded to backlash over her comments on Twitter, sharing it was “a joke, clearly lost upon many”. 

In a now-deleted Tweet from September 11, 2015, Teigen says, “I don't just go into random rants about hot nannies. The post asked, I jokingly answered. It isn't that f--king deep”. 

The hilarious pajamas of Legend are not the only necessity for holidays, as Teigen clearly mentions in all her responses to backlash over sharing her team with social media. 

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2. They have to always be on deck for a last-minute dinner party. 

The couple is no stranger to hosting grand birthday parties and intimate dinner parties, all of which require tons of preparation and planning. 

Their exquisite dinner menus and extensive wine lists are just a small component of preparing such a chaotic household for guests. Nannies must be on deck to watch the couple’s children, while they make a guest list, curate playlists, and plan the perfect dessert and alcohol combo to end the night. 

3. They must listen to any and all bickering between Teigen & John. 

If you’re always working in their home, you might expect to hear some back and forth between the family. 

Not in the Legend household, as Teigen tweets, because she’ll “fight in cars, fight at home, fight at the airport…John just won’t fight me back”.

This one-sided “bickering” may be mandatory for all members of their team, including nannies, to deal with as Teigen holds nothing back with an audience. 

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4. Nannies have a life of their own, outside of work. 

As Teigen emphasized in a Tweet responding to fans’ questions, her nannies are not 24/7 employees. In fact, they have “four incredible people, not all at once” — some work during the day, and others “rotate and stay through the night.” 

Their self-proclaimed “chaotic household” should obviously revolve around an even more chaotic schedule of employees coming in and out. 

5. They must love pets.

As one might remember from Teigen’s hilarious Twitter story of their daughter Luna’s pet hamster’s masterful escape, the couple’s household is also open to furry friends! 

The hilarious videos that accompanied hamster Peanut Butter’s daily routine with Luna remind fans that the children, despite their celebrity parents, also live relatively normal lives. 

Just when Teigen and Legend aren’t around, the nannies will be the ones running after all their furry friends. As of December, unfortunately, these nannies will be dealing with the grief of losing Peanut Butter, as well. 

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6. They have to be open to travel. Especially, all-expenses-paid travel. 

Being that the famous couple is in high demand all around the world for various events, it’s likely that the nannies hardly work in their homes. 

Wherever their kids go, the nannies must follow. However, it may not actually be as painful as that might sounds. Teigen responded to fans’ asking, saying that she pays for all travel expenses, including “rates, flights, baggage, hotel, and agency fees."

Chrissy and John — where can we apply?

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