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Khloe Kardashian Fan Debunks Theory That Robert Kardashian Sr. Is Not Her Real Dad

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Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian Sr., Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian

Kardashian fans are debunking the viral theory that Khloe Kardashian has a different father than the rest of her siblings.

In the past, many people have believed that Kardashian's dad is not Robert Kardashian Sr — the father of her sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and brother, Rob Kardashian.

Fans have previously named Alex Roldan, Kris Jenner's longtime hairstylist, O.J. Simpson, whom people thought Jenner had an affair with, or Lionel Richie as the reality star's potential real father, to name a few.

Khloe has even spoken out about how upsetting these rumors have been but luckily a fan is coming to her rescue.

Khloe has even spoken out about how upsetting these rumors have been.

One fan posted to Reddit "Why I firmly believe Khloe Kardashian is Robert Sr.'s daughter," providing an extensive slideshow that debunks the theory.

Why Robert Kardashian Sr is Khloe Kardashian's father, according to a fan.

In order to defend Jenner, who has always insisted that her third daughter was not the product of an affair, a fan debunked each of the various pieces of "evidence" often used to counter Jenner's claims.

Here are each of the points used to debunk the allegations that Khloe Kardashian has a different father than her siblings.

1. Her height

One claim that many people used was that Kardashian was much taller than her sisters, and her brother.

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"Height genetics are complex, but in general, tallness is a recessive trait," the Reddit user explained.

"Two parents can carry the short gene and still end up having a child that is fairly tall."

As the fan notes, Rob Kardashian, who bears a striking resemblance to his father, is also much taller than Khloe, and even taller than their father. 

2. Her skin tone and hair color

People also pointed out that Khloe has blonde, curly hair while the rest of the Kardashian siblings have straight, dark hair.

"Let's start with hair color. Blonde hair, like tallness, is also a recessive trait. If two parents with dark hair have a child, it will likely have dark hair," the Reddit user explained.

If those parents have blonde family members in their lineage, there's still a chance the child will be blonde.


Both Robert Kardashian Sr., and Kris Jenner have blonde family members in their lineage. In photos shared, Jenner's grandmother (above), and Robert Sr.'s mother (below), both have blonde hair.


Curly hair is also a dominant trait, and both Kourtney and Kim have wavy to curly hair, they just straighten theirs more often than Khloe.

Khloe also has light eyes and pale skin, another claim used to say that she has a different father than Rob, Kim, and Kourtney, who all have olive skin and dark eyes.

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"So fun fact: hair color is seen as an extension of skin color and hair, skin, and eye color genetically linked," the Reddit user continued.

All of the factors rely on melanin, and the amount of melanin you produce is based on your inherited genes.

Khloe inherited a blonde recessive gene, which gets its signals from the genes that code melanin production. Those same genes are why Khloe has lighter eyes and paler skin. 

3. Her 'different' appearance

While many people think that Khloe also doesn't look anything like Robert Kardashian Sr., or her other siblings, that is a false claim.

If you look at baby pictures of Rob and Khloe, they have the same exact facial features, including their noses.

Since Rob went through puberty with an influx of testosterone, his face became more angular, which changed his nose.

"And speaking of noses," the Reddit user added. "It's unwise to compare the Kardashian's adult noses to their teen noses."

The Kardashian's noses have changed since being altered through plastic surgery. When they were young, Kourtney's nose looked quite similar to Khloe's, but the shape changed as they got older. 

The Reddit user also pointed out that Khloe, and Alex Roldan, the man many people think is her actual father, don't share much of a resemblance.

"Khloe's nose is more flat than Alex's," they explain. "He has a downturned mouth while Khloe has an upturned mouth."

The resemblance between them is also only attributed to when they both "weighed more." In photos when both Khloe and Roldan look slimmer, they don't look anything alike.

They also acknowledged that Roldan and Robert Kardashian Sr. do look alike and have similar features.

"Downturned eyes with low brows, similar cheeks, same lips," they wrote. "The main difference between the two is a) face length, b) noses, and c) chins."

The Alex Roldan theories are only taken from three photos of him that show him looking slightly similar to Khloe, but the Reddit user pointed out that there are way more similarities between not only Khloe and her father, but also her and her siblings.

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