Fans Question The Kardashian's Narrative About Kim’s Tape Return After Ray J Brands It A ‘Lie’

Some things aren't adding up.

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Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J has been a central storyline in the SKIMS founder's new Hulu reality TV series and, in the latest episode, fans may finally have gotten some resolution about the so-called second tape.

The moment Kardashian revealed that West had retrieved a computer with the tape from Ray J was captured on camera with Kardashian breaking down in the tears and expressing gratitude to her ex for bringing the controversy to a close.


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While fans were moved by West’s gesture, many others questioned whether this whole narrative is a ‘lie’.

Even Ray J has claimed Kim Kardashian's narrative about the tape is a ‘lie’.

Hollywood Unlocked posted a video of the time when Kardashian is opening a suitcase that contained a computer that included her sex tape. 


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However, on the same post, Ray J left a comment claiming that it was a lie. He wrote, “All of this is a lie smh- Can’t let them do this anymore- so untrue.”


This led many fans to wonder if Kardashian’s narrative was even true. A screenshot of Ray J’s comment was also posted to the Reddit thread r/KUWTK where many fans left comments with their opinions and thoughts.

Kardashian fans are also not buying Kim Kardashian's claims about the tape.

Since Ray J just claimed that it’s all lie, fans have been debating which part of the narrative is untrue.

One user commented, “I wonder what the lie is? Kanye didn't retrieve the laptop or was Ray J not involved? Kanye said Ray J gave him the laptop.. so was he lying?”

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West was first to reveal that he had retrieved a "laptop" from Ray J in a January interview with Hollywood Unlocked but fans are drawing attention to the fact that Kardashian is seen opening a suitcase with an entire computer — however, the differences between a computer and a laptop are not great enough to declare the whole story a lie.

But there are more suspicious details.

Kim Kardashian initially claimed to have learned about unreleased footage via Roblox.

The season premiere of the show sees Kardashian devastated after her son sees a pop-up about her tape while playing on his iPad.

Next, we see Kardashian threatening legal action against anyone in possession of the footage. Then, all of a sudden, West is getting the tape from Ray J who had not been mentioned until this point.


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In reality, the story played out in the press quite differently.

It was Ray J's former manager, Wack 100 who claimed to have the tape.

Kardashian publicly insisted there was no additional footage while, behind the scenes, threatening to sue him if he released the very same footage she said did not exist.

Kardashian later claims that there was nothing sexual on the tape, another detail fans have been cynical about.

A Reddit user wrote, “Can you entertain the idea that Kim might be the one lying? Doesn’t her saying there is nothing sexual on this tape sounds odd?”


Ray J never threatened to release additional footage.

The narrative about West's retrieval of the tape from Ray J also blurs the truth slightly.

West insists that he wouldn't allow Kardashian to get "extorted again" after retrieving the computer.

However, Ray J never expressed any intention to release the footage. 


In fact, Ray J was the first to criticize Wack 100's claims about the tape back in September 2021.

“I been staying off the Raydar — Just staying focused and being humble and thankful for all the blessings I’m receiving. How can I show growth and maturity if this kinda of stuff keeps happening?” Ray J said at the time.

This may be the "lie" he's referring to as these details have been misrepresented in the show leading fans to believe that the Kardashians crafted the storyline in order to create publicity for their show.

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