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Kim Kardashian Admits To Darkening Niece’s Skin In Edited Photo To Fit Her ‘Aesthetic’

Photo: Instagram
Kim Kardashian, Stormi Webster, Chicago West, True Thompson

Kim Kardashian fans are criticizing the reality TV star after she made some confessions about her past photoshop fails.

Kardashian took to Instagram on Wednesday to address some photoshopping rumors and expose some of her photoshop fails.

Earlier this year, fans were confused when Kardashian posted a photo of her daughter, Chicago, with her niece True.

Fans noticed that True appeared to be edited onto a photo that originally featured Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi.

Kim Kardashian admitted that she photoshopped True into the photo to fit her “aesthetic.”

After denying the rumors of photoshopping her belly button out of a photo and denying photoshopping her famous post with her beau, Pete Davidson, she admitted that she needed to confess something.

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“Ok guys I do have a photoshop confession while we are safe here in the circle in the truth,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “Ugh, this one needs some serious explaining.”

She referred to an article that discussed a theory in which Kardashian photoshopped a photo of Chicago West and True at Disneyland, with people pointing out that True looked a little off.

Kardashian finally admitted what really happened, revealing that she was just worried about the “aesthetic” of her timeline the entire time.

“The original pics were Stormi! However, I asked @kyliejenner if I could post them and she said she wasn’t really feeling posting at the moment and so I respect that!” Kardashian wrote. "But it wasn’t going to mess up my IG feed."

At this point, Kylie Jenner was laying low in the aftermath of the Astroworld tragedy.

"Chi was wearing pink and it matched perfectly. It wasn’t the aesthetic I was going for, and I can own up to that! You know how much a good aesthetic means to my soul," Kardashian continued.

"And I will be d*mned if Kylie will ruin that for me and mess up my IG grid. … I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal if her own mom questioned if I snuck her to Disneyland for the first time.”

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As such, her solution was just to photoshop True’s head onto Stormi’s body, and in turn, make Stormi’s skin color much darker in order to match True’s skin tone.

Fans are criticizing Kim Kardashian for darkening her niece's skin tone.

Fans on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians subreddit (r/KUWTK) are finding it “disgusting” and “unhinged,” and are questioning why Kim felt the need to post it in the first place.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just not post the picture?” said one confused fan.

“Kim has no limits. Feel sorry for her kids,” said another.

Many discussed how it seemed Kim prioritized the importance of her Instagram “aesthetic” over her sister’s own boundaries, manipulating photos to fit her own narrative that she can show off to the world and hopefully grow from.

Fans even compared the edited photos to Kardashian's own blackfishing allegations, someone else wrote “I’m guessing when you try on skin colors for fun it doesn’t make it a big deal to change others.”

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