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In Just One Day, The NFL Enlisted 3 Of The Most Famous Women In The World To Promote Their Brand

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Leaves have started to change from green to orange and temperatures are dropping, as the summer season shifts into fall. Change is in the air — and it seems that even the NFL is harvesting a new bounty by marketing to female fans.

In just one day, the NFL enlisted 3 of the world’s most famous women to promote their brand: Taylor Swift, Alix Earle, and Kim Karsdashian.

Among a certain sector of young women, Taylor Swift reigns supreme. Deep into her Eras Tour, Swift debuted her relationship with Travis Kelce, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, at their game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, September 24, 2023. 

Swift sat in a box alongside Kelce’s mom, wearing Chiefs gear that color-coordinated with her lipstick. The Grammy-award winning performer was a major feature of the game, as the NFL took full advantage of her presence.

The NFL marked Swift’s appearance at the Chief’s game by changing their official TikTok bio to read, “9/24/23. Taylor was here.” 



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The celebration of Swift and Kelce didn’t stop there. The NFL’s TikTok page was chock-full of Swift, with 8 posted videos that either featured direct footage of her or references to her watching the game, along with using her name as a hashtag.

It appears that the NFL was attempting to capitalize on Swift’s presence in their orbit, which was a savvy PR move on their part.

The NFL definitively used Swift's football-centric romance in a strategic way. Her reaction to Kelce’s touchdown was shown on TV for a longer period of time than Kelce’s own reaction to his winning work.



A post-game TikTok showing Swift and Kelce holding hands as they walked down a hallway garnered 12 million views and extremely positive reactions from fans, many of them women, in the comments section.



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Swift wasn’t the only widely-famous woman that the NFL featured on their social media on September 24, 2023.

The Miami Dolphins shared a TikTok starring Alix Earle, who’s currently dating Braxton Berrios. The post showed Earle standing on the sidelines wearing Barrios’ jersey, cheering, and posing alongside the Dolphin mascot. 



By making content for the NFL, Earle helps target an untapped audience: Young women in their early 20s, who might not be interested in football as a game, but could possibly be interested in the games for their social capital.

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Even Kim Kardashian lent her presence to NFL advertising, as she was featured in a commercial that aired to promote Usher, who’s set to headline the Super Bowl HalfTime Show in Las Vegas on February 11, 2024. 



Kardashian is connected to the NFL in other ways, as she’s been rumored to be dating Odell Beckham Jr., the wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. A source allegedly told People Magazine that the two are “hanging out,” despite a lack of confirmation from either Beckham or Kardashian’s representatives. 

Even without an announcement of an official romance between Beckham and Kardashian, the NFL is making the most of the Kardashian romance rumors, utilizing the fashion mogul’s star-status by putting her in their ads.

According to Forbes Magazine, during the 2022 season, the NFL made $11.9 billion dollars in national revenue, which is 7% more than they made the previous year. It seems clear that the NFL is aiming for even wider audiences.

By enlisting Swift, Earle, and Kardashian, they can rest assured that women will be paying attention to the games in ways they haven’t done before.

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