Man Learns His Girlfriend Is Pregnant With Another Man’s Baby, Waits Until She Gives Birth To Confront Her

He withstood months and months of lies.

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Some key their cheating ex’s cars. Others send screenshots of their partner’s cheating texts to their parents while others might take it as far as confronting the ex in public. 

This Reddit user’s story takes revenge to a completely new level.

He shared his heartbreaking revenge story on Reddit’s True Off My Chest, or r/trueoffmychest, forum where users gather to rant. 

After finding out his girlfriend was having another man’s baby, he decided to wait until she was in labor to get revenge. 


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“I found out when she was 6 months pregnant,” the man shares in his opening paragraph. 

Six months of lies — preparing for a new chapter in their relationship, setting up to welcome a baby into their lives, and going through the motions of sharing their excitement with family and friends. 


It all changed in an instant when he was approached by a man at his work. 

“Are you Sarah’s boyfriend,” he said after he approached, to which the Reddit user replied, “Yeah, what do you want?” 

The stranger began to profusely apologize, in the middle of his workplace, and ultimately revealed he has been ‘hooking’ up with his girlfriend for months. He said he had ‘no idea’ that she had a boyfriend until recently. 

“I don’t believe that,” the user added, but that was far from the biggest of his worries. 

He explained that when his girlfriend, Sarah, found out she was pregnant they made an agreement. 

The cheating partners agreed to keep the real baby’s father hidden — so she could return to her "'perfect life.’" 

After looking through the man’s text conversations with his girlfriend, he was sure that his story was truthful. Suddenly, heartbreak turned to rage. 


Their ‘perfect’ plan clearly wasn’t going so perfectly — as the two men continued talking. 

“He explained that he had been thinking about it and he recently became a Christian. He said that he couldn’t live his life knowing that I was living a lie while his child didn’t know their real father.” 

Telling the man he’d keep in touch, he told him one last thing before turning him away — to keep their conversation secret until he knew what he was going to do next. 

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He decided to wait until "her most vulnerable moment" to confront her — after she’d given birth. 

“What should’ve been a beautiful moment of me holding my baby, was the most heartbreaking time of my life,” he recounts. 


“Just knowing he was not mine,” the user wrote, “hurt me.” 

After the baby's birth, the man packed up his stuff to leave before signing the baby's birth certificate. 

“I know I’m not baby’s name’s father. You can act all shocked but I know. Just ask Bryan to come, I’m positive he’ll sign the birth certificate,” he said before finally leaving.

She was left with her family and her new baby to explain what had happened — why her boyfriend, the one she was supposed to love wholeheartedly, was leaving. 

“She’s been calling my phone over and over (even sending texts as I type this) and has even gotten her sister to call me a few times.” 


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The day that was supposed to be joyful, when he had planned to propose, was now a day filled with heartbreak. 

“I was planning to propose to her on the day our baby was born. I was gonna make her the happiest woman ever.” 

Filled with heartbreak, he spills that he thinks he’s satisfied with his revenge. Clearly, though, revenge doesn’t mend all. 

He ends his story by saying, “Oh well. I’m going [to the bar] to get s—faced now.” 


The Reddit post blew up almost immediately to over 22 thousand votes and three thousand comments, many with users begging for an update making sure he was safe and okay. 

A day later, the user added an edit to update the viewers saying, “Head hurts, but I’m home and safe. I wasn’t really expecting this to gain as much traction as it did.”

He also adds more context in responding to viewers. He reminds everyone that the baby's real father will be in his baby’s life, that he will get tested to be 100% sure he’s not the father, and that everyone in the comments calling him “psychotic” will surely forget about his post in a day.

“What I did wasn’t amazing but I don’t care. All I ever did was treat her amazing and this is how she pays me back,” he wrote. 


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