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Woman Shares Christmas Card Her Mom Sent Exposing Her Husband’s Affair To Their Entire Family

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Laura Kinney, family's Christmas card

Some mothers can be a bit intrusive and have no problem gossiping about their children's lives to their friends and other family members.

That was the reality for Laura Kinney, who was subjected to her mother blasting the details of her divorce to their family in the annual Christmas card.

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Her mother exposed her cheating ex-husband in their family's Christmas card.

Kinney, who described her mother as “the most passive-aggressive Southern mom in the world," was left embarrassed after she shared intimate details of Kinney's divorce from her unfaithful husband.

In a TikTok video, Kinney explained that she'd grown up in a "traditionally Southern family" that would send out Christmas cards every year to around 500 different family members.

While some of the family members know Kinney and her family, others aren't as well-acquainted.



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In the annual Christmas cards, Kinney's mother will update their different family members on things that have happened in their lives that year, usually going into great detail.

"So, I've had a bit of a year in 2022," Kinney said. "Three years ago the Christmas letter said, 'Laura got married,' and this year we can't have someone missing from the Christmas card with no explanation."

Kinney admitted that when her ex-husband, Jake, told her that he wanted to end their three-year marriage in May 2022, she was left "panicking" about what her portion of the annual holiday card would now say.

"My mom detailed every indiscretion that my ex-husband did after he let me know that he wanted a divorce and didn’t want to work on anything,” she remarked.

“She’s letting all of our [friends and family] know — down to the detail of the date that our divorce was finalized."

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In the Christmas letter, Kinney's mother blasted her ex-husband and included details of their divorce.

In a subsequent TikTok video, Kinney shared a screenshot of her mother's detailed Christmas letter.

“Jake suddenly did not need nor want to be married any longer,” her mother candidly wrote.

“He refused all suggestions of counseling, declared that he wanted a divorce and began ‘living as though he was single’ (to put it kindly).”

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Further down in the letter, she revealed that Jake had "blindsided and devastated" Kinney with the sudden want for a divorce, leaving her to pack up all her things and move into a garage studio apartment in her hometown of Georgia.

“Her divorce became final on Sept. 19,” the mom added. “Two days before what would have been her 3-year wedding anniversary.”

Users flocked to Kinney's comments, sharing their own hilarious anecdotes of family members blasting their business in a similar fashion.

“My grandpa’s crazy wife after my grandmother passed once wrote in her [letter] how my uncle was murdered in his front yard and no arrests had been made,” one user wrote.

Another user added, "My passive-aggressive Alabama momma announced my divorce on last year’s Christmas card! Without even a warning to me. You are not alone!”

Despite the circumstances, Kinney remained positive towards the entire situation.

"If my trauma from 2022 can bring these 500 strangers, for the most part, a small bit of joy by hearing my mother absolutely say true things that did happen over the summer, then [whatever will be, be]."

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