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Woman Outs Cheating Ex-Husband As Gay To His Mother — But Wonders If She Is In The Wrong

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Woman Outs Cheating Ex-Husband As Gay To His Mother — But Wonders If She Is In The Wrong

A user on Reddit posted her story of outing her husband to their homophobic family and wonders if she is a bad person for it. 

She detailed how her husband was gay and hid it from her their whole marriage so he could have kids and the “normal” life. 

“He’s known he was gay since before he met me, so this wasn’t a new discovery or admission to himself. He has a boyfriend that he’s been dating since six months before we were married," she wrote online. 

She outed him to her mother-in-law after learning he had cheated on her.

“I went through his computer after catching them in the act and kicking him out and found messenger logs and other evidence going back to before he started dating me. He literally set this up so he could have the nice Mormon family on the surface to keep his family happy.”

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The pair decided to separate with the wife insisting she has no issue with him being gay but she can't tolerate infidelity.

However, her former mother-in-law doesn’t believe in divorce and cornered her about how she was being “childish.” 

“It became apparent that my ex didn’t tell his family that he cheated, he told his mom that I was divorcing him because we weren’t having sex often enough for me," she wrote.

"I tried to be patient and explained that he had cheated and that’s why. I wasn’t going to go into greater detail because I know how his parents are and it’s none of their business.”

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However, her former mother-in-law suggested that if she wanted to have more sex to make herself more attractive and be a better wife.

At this point she lost it and said the only way she could become more attractive to her son was to have a sex change operation. She continued by saying she hopes her ex and his boyfriend adopt so her mother-in-law can shut up about having grandchildren. 

“It’s evidently turned into a huge family drama, he’s probably going to be disowned, and my ex called sobbing that I’ve ruined his life out of spite,” the post continues. 

“I don’t really know how to feel about it. I do feel bad for him that his parents are such awful people and there were just no ‘good’ outcomes for him, but I also feel like he made his own bed here, too.” 

The top comment under the post reads, “Probably unpopular opinion but NTA (Not The Asshole). You got pushed into a corner and blamed for the demise of the relationship which was ultimately bc of his dishonesty. You didn't do it maliciously.”

Most of the comments continuously say NTA for “Not The Asshole.”  

Another commenter named _game_over_man_ said, “As a queer person, I would agree that NTA. I get that it's hard to come out. I get that it's especially hard to come out to a family you know will reject you. I get that it's unfair to have to deal with those kinds of things just because of who you are. But it's also unfair to lie to people and to draw people into your life under false pretenses.” 

The woman made an updated post and said the comments have helped her as she is particularly confused about the situation. 

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