Man Asks If He's Wrong For Refusing To Drive His Wife To Their Son's Wedding Since He Wasn't Invited

He says she should have prearranged a ride.

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“Here comes the bride…” but apparently her father-in-law will not be coming. 

One man revealed that he was not invited to his son’s wedding due to a personal disagreement. However, his wife was invited and asked her husband for assistance getting there so that she could make it. 

The man refused, and his decision has stirred mixed reactions from Internet users. 

The man did not want to drive his wife to the wedding since he was not invited himself. 

Sharing his story on the subreddit thread, r/AmITheA–hole, the man sought the advice of other Reddit users and asked if his decision was unfair and cruel. 


He began his post by revealing that his son got married a few days prior. He was not present at the wedding since he did not receive an invitation. 

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“We had some past issues that affected our relationship,” the man admitted.  “We're not on speaking terms after he decided to sell his grandmother's home (my wife's mother) instead of keeping it.” 

He added that he was “fine” with not being invited to his son’s wedding and did not try to push back. His wife, however, was invited and she asked her husband to drive her to the event since she is disabled and the wedding was three hours away. 


The man refused. “I said that since I'm not invited to the wedding, nor am I taking part in it then I shouldn't have to drive there,” he argues. 

The man’s wife told him that he was being “unreasonable” and believed that he was “punishing” her for their son’s decision. 

 “I told her it was on her to make travel arrangements since she's an adult,” he wrote. “Or, he [their son] could've provided proper means of transportation for her and not assume I'd go there when I'm not welcome.” 

After an argument ensued between the man and his wife, the man’s brother wound up driving her to the wedding. His brother sided with the man’s wife. 


“She refused to speak to me upon her return and my brother said I was in the wrong for letting her fend for herself when I and my car were available,” he wrote. 

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Some Redditors agreed with the man and believed that his wife was wrong for asking him to drive her. 

“Your wife was unreasonable to ask you to drive her there, wait outside during the wedding, and then drive her back,” one user commented. 

“Honestly not wanting to drive three hours both ways for an occasion you're not invited to doesn't seem unreasonable,” another user wrote. 


“If I were you I wouldn’t drive three hours, then wait for hours till the wedding is done, and then drive another three hours,” another user shared. “And if I were your wife I wouldn’t make my husband do that.” 

However, others believed that the man was wrong and should have done his wife a favor so that she could attend her son’s wedding. 

“She’s right, you were punishing her because of your son's decision. If she hadn’t been able to find an alternative ride then she would’ve been trapped at home and unable to go,” one user pointed out.

“You would’ve forced her to miss something really important because your feelings are hurt and your ego is bruised.” 


“I can see why your son doesn’t have a good relationship with you,” another user commented. 

“Your son doesn't like you and now you're giving your wife reasons to not like you,” another user added. “Are you trying to die alone?” 

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