Man Sparks Debate With Laundry List For The Perfect Partner In Exchange For An Allowance Of $100 Per Week

The man's post caused debate about what a list of 'requirements' in a potential mate should look like.

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It's totally normal to have specific things you're looking for in an ideal partner. It can be great to be picky sometimes, but that doesn't mean people can go way overboard with what they want out of a partner.

A comedian known as "CT" on TikTok recently shared his hilarious reaction to a man's very specific list of requirements for his ideal partner. The original post was made by a 51-year-old man named Rodney Dunn on Facebook.


The man sparked a debate with his laundry list for the perfect partner in exchange for an allowance of $100 per week.

CT didn't hold back in mocking his brazen demands. The initial post by Dunn was targeted at single ladies who might be interested in dating him. In it, he expressed his desire for a "submissive woman" who would cater to all of his needs. He specified that she must be both educated and "thick."



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In addition to these requirements, the prospective partner should also have culinary skills since they will be expected to cook three meals every day for Dunn. Notably, there were also restrictions on appearance; no "BBW" women permitted, no weaves, and no fake lashes or makeup.

However, what seemed the most ridiculous was offering a weekly allowance of a whopping $100. 

CT's reaction? Priceless. "$100 a week allowance? What? And you get to cook for him three meals a day? Come on! You're not getting deals like that in the streets," he said. He concluded the video by wishing luck to anyone interested in pursuing a relationship with Dunn. 

Many of Dunn's requirements are superficial and ridiculously rude. It's surprising he posted the dating ad on Facebook, of all places. It's clear that he doesn't have high standards, but rather unrealistic and shallow ones. 


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Is it okay to set high standards for a potential partner?

Well, as long as they're not superficial, setting standards can be a great and necessary way to ensure you only choose healthy relationships


Marie Christie, a dating coach, shared with YourTango some "examples of high standards that should be the bare minimum you expect in relationships."

Firstly, a partner who "takes the initiative" and makes an "effort" is essential to any good relationship. And, of course, follow through with the plans they make is imperative.

Also important? Looking for partners who are "kind, thoughtful, caring, and generous." She specified that a partner shouldn't be fake nice for appearances, explaining, "He invests time with people because he cares and genuinely wants to, not because they are going to gain something in return."

Don't forget "emotional intelligence" on your list of standards in an ideal partner. Christie noted, "They have reached the 'adult' phase of emotional intelligence or working towards it." 


It's always important to have standards because they play a significant role and affect the relationship. As Christie sums it up wonderfully, "Nobody is perfect; successful dating requires an awareness of yourself and the person you want to attract and be in a relationship with."

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