'Helicopter Mom' Seeking A Daughter-In-Law Makes Ridiculous Post Of Her Expectations & Requires References From Ex-Boyfriends

These expectations aren't impossible to meet, no matter who you are.

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For some, getting along with the in-laws isn’t always the easiest task. One prospective mother-in-law, however, decided to take matters into her own hands so there wouldn’t be any doubts about her expectations for her son's future wife.

A mother seeking a daughter-in-law made a list of expectations on behalf of her son, and even asked for references from ex-boyfriends.

Twitter user @ask_aubry recently uploaded a screenshot of a Facebook post by a mother named Patty Francis who’s in desperate search of a daughter-in-law and wife for her 26-year-old son, William Francis.


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Patty began the post by listing her own expectations for any takers willing to accept the challenge of becoming her daughter-in-law. “Helicopter Momma seeking future daughter-in-law,” she wrote. “I prefer Republican, Christian, Hardworking, woman that's willing to relocate. She should enjoy cooking, cleaning, hunting, & fishing.”


Not only that, but she also emphasized that the perfect candidate would have no children that depend on her, claiming that her son is “all the kid one woman can handle.” 

Patty then detailed her son’s seemingly "small" list of expectations for the prospective bride-to-be, stating, “My son prefers females, preferably natural blonde, he's a butt guy (no flat a--es should apply).” For the candidate’s reference, she added, “He is 26 years old, has 2 dogs, owns own home & business. Lil redneck but loves Jesus!!”

As if Patty's post wasn’t already enough of a Freudian nightmare, the devoted mom requested that all those interested should do the following: “FB messenger me 2 pics, a brief description of yourself and 2 references (must be ex-boyfriends).” She concluded by adding, "Please share post, this boy ain't getting any younger!!”

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Twitter users had much to say about the helicopter mom for her ridiculous post on behalf of her son.

One user wrote, “It’s time for Patty to cut the umbilical cord.” “I knew it was bad when it started with the words ‘helicopter momma’ but god damn,” wrote another.

“If my mother did this she wouldn't need to keep the ad up more than a minute after i found out about it,” read another comment, “she'd be planning a funeral because the embarrassment alone would kill me. I can only imagine what the interview questions she no doubt has planned are.”

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While many felt that this post revealed an unhealthy level of emotional attachment between a parent and child — what some regard as “emotional incest” — others speculated that there may be more to uncover about the son in question.

“Plot twist. William is secretly saving up $$$ to move to New York to start a fashion business with his boyfriend,” quipped one user. To this, someone replied, “She does say that he prefers women, but did not say he exclusively dates women.”

Despite the mother's efforts to find a suitable daughter-in-law, her 'expectations' are anything but realistic.

While Patty no doubt has her son's best interests at heart, her "expectations" for a future daughter-in-law point out exactly why some men, specifically immature men, have such a hard time finding a partner or spouse. Nobody is perfect, of course, but seeking out that perfection in a potential mate is just not realistic.


The fact that she specifies that a future daughter-in-law cannot have children of her own shows the stigma attached to divorced or single women who date and have children. Furthermore, while there's inherently nothing wrong with having a physical preference, a woman's body should not be the determining factor in whether or not she is marriage material.

Whether or not Patty made this post at the behest of her son, we’ll never really know. But one thing we can all agree on is that it's time for Patty to let go of the reins, let her son go out on his own to find a future wife, and stop jeopardizing her child’s chances of any relationship in the foreseeable future.

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