Woman Says Her Boyfriend Invested In Her & Boosted Her Self-Esteem — 'He Helped Me Realize I Could Do Better Than Him So I Left'

If the grass looks greener on the other side, it's usually artificial turf.

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Every woman wants a man who listens, cares about her emotional needs and wellbeing, and wants to do everything he can to help make her dreams a reality. One woman admittedly had all of that and still thought it was just not enough for her.

In a video shared on the TikTok account of a man called “Rich Wisdom,” he reacted to a video where a woman told the story of how much she had been loved and supported by her partner, only to fumble the relationship in hopes that there was something much better out there for her.


After he emotionally supported her and lifted her up, a woman left her boyfriend.

The woman posted the original video in hopes that she was not the only one who felt she had made such a big mistake.



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The woman shared that about two years prior to her post, she was in a relationship with a man who was significantly older than she was — him 40 and her 25. Despite the age difference, she said, “He was willing to invest in me physically, financially, emotionally, religiously… all aspects.”

According to her, he intended to make her a better woman for him. He boosted her self-esteem, making her more confident than ever and prioritizing her wellbeing.

Unfortunately, he failed to realize that as he was simultaneously building her ego, it was something that led her to eventually believe that she was too good for him; that there were better men out that who would be more suitable to the "new her" that her partner had built up.

The woman went out into the world to find better and realized she shouldn't have ended her relationship.

After ending the relationship with her supportive partner, the young woman, now closer to 30, fell into a situation with a man she described as a narcissist and was moving past that experience and healing. She didn’t go into detail about what made him seem narcissistic but, no doubt, it involved lying, cheating, intentionally lowering her self-worth, and being emotionally unavailable.


That experience was a sharp contrast from her preceding involvement where she felt loved and supported. It taught her that, as she said, “Not all men have your best intention at heart. Not all men will invest in you, and not all men will uplift you."

She warned other women who might be in the same predicament that when you get a man who really wants to see you be the best version of yourself, hold on to him, because they are definitely a rare find.

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The ability to pour into another human being requires a selflessness that many don’t have.

A lot of people are more consumed with their own needs and desires than those of everyone around them.


With so many people in the world to choose from, many start to believe that they are missing out or that the grass might be greener on the other side. They devalue their partner by finding faults in them while pedestalizing their other possible connections.

But what looks good on the outside might be a mess on the inside. You have to account for people’s past experiences and trauma as well as whether they have overcome them or are still struggling in order to guess what kind of partner they might be.

You don’t really get to know a person until you’ve been around them for some time, even years. Then, they change and evolve for the better or become worse than they were when you met.

An attitude of gratitude can change your perspective on your relationship.

If you're with someone for a while, it’s easy to start disregarding the little things that they do, like ask if you need help, inquire about your mood and feelings, and include you in various aspects of their life. Unfortunately, familiarity breeds a lack of gratitude.


Once you’re used to someone, you can inadvertently overlook their contributions to your life by elevating your flaws. Remembering to show your gratitude is important in maintaining a deep connection and in keeping a balanced perspective on your relationship.

Keeping it real with yourself is important when looking for a mate. What’s important to you? It is superficial things like looks or physique? Or do you value how much a man makes? Are you glossing over the little things that truly make someone a viable companion like love, trust, compassion, and empathy?

If you’re considering leaving someone who genuinely cares about you and adds value to your life, remember that the grass is only greener where you water it.


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