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Fans Debate Whether Kourtney Kardashian Is Right To Exclude Scott Disick From Family Events In New Hulu Show

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Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian

In the first episode of the new Hulu reality show 'The Kardashians,' Kourtney Kardashian finally addressed the incident involving Scott Disick's bizarre DM exchange with Kardashian's ex, Younes Bendjima.

The season premiere, which hasn't been aired yet but has been seen by a number of news outlets, is already causing a debate among fans of the famous family.

When fans got a sneak preview of how Kardashian responded to the drama they had some interesting reactions of their own.

Kourtney Kardashian revealed Scott Disick's apology after texting Younes Bendjima.

Back in August 2021, while Kardashian and her fiancé, Travis Barker, were vacationing in Italy, Disick had sent a photo of Kardashian and Barker kissing on a boat to Bendjima, who Kardashian had dated for two years. 

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“Yo is this chick ok!????? Brooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy,” Disick wrote in the message. 

However, Bendjima did not appreciate the message, immediately responding, “Doesn’t matter to me as long as she's happy,” followed by, “PS: I ain't your bro.” After sending the response, Bendjima proceeded to post a screenshot of the messages to his Instagram story.

“Keep that same energy you had about me publicly, privately,” he wrote.

At the time of the leaked messages, it had been reported that the exchange had left Kardashian and Disick's relationship "more strained than ever," despite the fact that Kardashian never publicly spoke about what Disick had said to Bendjima.

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However, Kardashian finally addresses the entire DM mess for the first time during the first episode of her family's new reality show, 'The Kardashians.'

In the episode, she reveals that she had received an apology text from Disick, who tells her that he can't stand Bendjima. She goes on to call Disick's actions "despicable," while out to lunch with Kim and Khloé Kardashian.

“When I was in Italy with Travis on our summer vacation, I woke up to a text from Scott saying: 'I am so sorry. I DM'd your ex-boyfriend who I can’t stand,'” she says. “He sent me a screenshot of it and said he posted it on his story.”

She also says that Disick wanted to apologize to Barker as well, before telling her sisters what she had responded back with. "Then I wrote him: ‘This is despicable. Your actions need to match up with you wanting to be a part of this and act like it.’”

“I was in Italy and he was DM'ing Younes,” Kardashian continued. “Then I was like: ‘That’s not really the vibe. Don’t go DM'ing my ex-boyfriend.'”

She also brought up Disick's tumultuous past, and how it had caused a strain on their relationship, saying, "For so many years Scott has gotten away with bad behavior and has still been invited [to family events] and I don’t think that is going to continue."

"Me kissing the love of my life is not anything bad. I don’t want it to be taken negatively. I will continue to live my life and pretend that no one is watching.”

In a Reddit post, fans expressed their opinions on whether or not Kardashian was right to want to exclude Disick from future family events.

"Maybe if Scott didn’t treat Kourtney so horribly and focused on creating better, healthier social relationships when they were together he wouldn’t be in this predicament," one user commented.

"Kourtney doesn’t need to make him happy all the time, especially not when she’s moved on for real now. Scott needs to work on himself in private, away from the Kardashians."

Another user commented, "Coming from a child of divorce, I can't tell you how many events we had that one parent or the other wasn't invited to/didn't attend."

"It's not Kourtney's fault that his parents have both passed/he has no siblings. If she doesn't want him at every single event, her family should respect her wishes."

During the show's premiere, Disick also spoke about his relationship with Kardashian, and how "it was a huge adjustment" after she got together with Barker.

"Now it has become a huge adjustment losing her as sort of a best friend. Now we are really more coparents," Disick said.

"I would say it is probably one of the more difficult things in my life. Kourtney has all [the] right to despise me for the way I treated her because it was horrible. Like that wouldn’t go on today for a day. But it went on for years.”

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