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Kim Kardashian’s Drastic Weight Loss To Fit Marilyn Monroe Dress Deemed ‘Disgusting’ & ‘Irresponsible’ By Fans

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Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe

The 2022 Met Gala took place with many celebrities showcasing their looks for the night. However, one celeb who did surprise us was Kim Kardashian when she confirmed all suspicions by wearing Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 ‘Happy Birthday’ dress.

Fans had been speculating for weeks before the event if Kardashian was really going to wear the iconic dress worn by Marilyn Monroe. 

When Kardashian did wear the dress, the one thing that had been looming in everyone’s mind was how did she fit into the dress.

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As the skin-tight dress was so tight that even Monroe had to be sewn into it, Kardashian would have taken extreme measures.

It seems she did make some drastic changes in her lifestyle. Kardashian revealed that she made extreme dietary changes for the dramatic weight loss to fit into that dress.

Kim Kardashian revealed she lost 16 pounds to fit into Marilyn Monroe's dress.

The SKIMS founder revealed that the dress didn't fit her when she tried it on for the first time. She even cried and was determined to lose weight for the dress.

She mentioned that she lost 16 lbs in three weeks in order to fit in that dress. Kardashian talked about her extreme weight loss and how she lost so much weight in such little time.

She said, “I would wear a sauna suit twice a day, run on the treadmill, completely cut out all sugar and all carbs, and just eat the cleanest veggies and protein. I didn’t starve myself, but I was so strict.”

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She also further stated that she was planning to eat pizza and donuts after the event as she hadn't eaten carbs and sugar in three weeks.

While Kardashian’s dedication to want to fit in that dress seems applaudable, fans are criticizing her dramatic weight loss on social media.

Fans deemed Kim Kardashian’s extreme weight loss 'disgusting.'

Fans were talking about how unhealthy it is for anyone’s body after undergoing so much weight loss quickly.

Since it has been revealed that Kardashian wore Monroe’s dress for a short amount of time, fans were more disappointed. 

One user wrote, “Kim Kardashian proudly saying she went on an extreme diet to lose a stone in three weeks to fit into a dress she was only allowed to wear for less than 10 minutes is frankly disgusting and irresponsible and unhinged.”

One fan also posted about this on Reddit where other people agreed that Kim Kardashian’s extreme weight loss was unhealthy.

The fan who posted about this opened the discussion by stating that boasting about such a weight loss while having daughters was wrong of Kardashian. 

Many fans agreed with that and talked about how this can create body image issues for her daughter.

One user wrote, “It’s very harmful to be bragging about that and really disappointing when she’s got a young daughter who is at the age where they pick up on these [behaviors] and attitudes towards body image.”

Another user wrote, “She is so tiny and she lost 16 lbs? That’s so unhealthy, especially so quickly. And it just perpetuates a toxic weight culture.”

While there were mostly comments and opinions criticizing Kardashian for doing such a thing, there were some devoted fans who were defending the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star.

One person wrote, “You're talking about [a 'businesswoman'] who works hard. Please give her more respect.”

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