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Why Fans Think Pete Davidson's New Tattoo Is 'Toxic' For Kim Kardashian's Kids

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Pete Davidson’s relationship with Kim Kardashian may go deeper than previously thought, if his latest tattoo is anything to go by.

Cameras captured the couple together in an SUV following Davidson’s standup routine in Los Angeles on Friday as part of the ongoing “Netflix is a Joke: The Festival” event. 

Davidson, wearing a loose white T-shirt, had his neck exposed in the photo, allowing people to zoom in and find a previously unseen tattoo. 

Pete Davidson appears to have Kim Kardashian's kids' initials tattooed on his neck.

The tattoo in question appears to consist of the letters KNCSP, leading fans to theorize on its meaning. Many believe that the K stands for Kim, while the other four letters represent her four children, North, Chicago, Saint and Psalm.

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This wouldn’t be the first time that Davidson has gotten a tattoo honoring Kardashian. He previously got a tattoo that says “MY GIRL IS A LAWYER” in reference to Kardashian and got her first name branded into his skin.

Some fans think Pete Davidson's tattoo is “toxic” for Kim Kardashian’s kids.

“This is extremely toxic and damaging, no kid deserves to be around this type of mess,” TikTok user Victor Dreame said in a video posted on Sunday.

“And if you’re a parent going through your own stuff and having a partner with toxic traits, you have to get therapy and healing because our kids don’t deserve to see this and be affected by traumatic, messy behavior.”



Some have called on Kardashian to take a stand on the issue and not promote Davidson’s impulsiveness. The tatto

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“Kim not having a problem with Pete doing this and his other erratic behavior would be a problem but the fact that she is encouraging him is disgusting,” one Reddit user wrote, noting that the tattoo appears to be written in Kardashian's handwriting.

“It is really so disturbing to me that I can't even put my thoughts down yet,” another Reddit user replied. “It's not cute or funny, it's deranged behavior on his part and even sicker that she allows it and possibly participated in it.”

Many have also theorized that the tattoo is just another way for Davidson to provoke Kanye West, Kardashian’s ex-husband and the father of her kids.

To settle the debate, we asked an expert to weigh in on the controversy.

Is Pete Davidson's tattoo damaging for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's children?

Ann Papayoti, a life and relationship coach at Skyview Coaching, believes that Davidson’s decision to get the tattoo is actually more harmful to himself than to Kardashian or her children.

“We need to recognize what anyone says or does is about them and not anyone else,” Papayoti said.  “Pete Davidson has shown himself publicly as someone who is impulsive and goes all-in with love, full speed. And, he literally wears his heart on his sleeve."

“There are no surprises here. The only person it will be toxic for is himself if and when his heart is broken. Kim has made herself a brand and has a worldwide following of idolizers. I would not think she finds her boyfriend branding himself with positive intentions a problem.”

Papayoti added that while Kanye’s issues with seeing another man involved in his kids’ lives are valid, it is ultimately not his decision to make.

“Related to Kanye’s expressed concerns, most divorced parents struggle with emotions when their ex introduces a new love interest to the kids,” Papayoti said Celebrity has nothing to do with it. Because Kanye is who he is, we have witnessed his being feeling victimized, threatened, and in conflict with Kim’s choices.

“Kanye is responsible for getting guidance in how to let go and manage his emotions. Ideally, after a breakup, a couple will work to redefine their relationship as co-parents and learn to communicate on important issues like who will be involved in their children’s lives and how to show up for their children rather than against each other.”

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