Lily-Rose Depp Reportedly Cut Ties With Cara Delevigne Over Her Involvement In Johnny Depp/Amber Heard Trial

They've been friends since 2015.

Are Lily-Rose Depp & Cara Delevingne Still Friends? Former Friends Rumored To Be Feuding Over Amber Heard/Johnny Depp Trial BAKOUNINE / Tinseltown Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock / Twitter

A rumor has emerged that Lily-Rose Depp and Cara Delevingne are no longer friends following the end of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial.

The two models-turned-actresses have been close over the years but it appears Delevigne's rumored involvement with Depp's former step-mother has driven them apart.

Are Lily-Rose Depp and Cara Delevingne still friends?

The two are reportedly not on speaking terms according to an anonymous posting from celebrity gossip site DeuxMoi.


Cara Delevigne's alleged affair with Amber Heard allegedly pushed Lily-Rose Depp to end their friendship.

A source claimed that "the daughter of a man recently involved in a trial that grasped the nation's attention is having trouble forgiving a longtime model friend."

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The post continued, stating that the "model friend" had slept "with her stepmother behind her and her father's back."



Despite Depp and Delevingne not appearing in the post by name, fans immediately speculated that the post was about the two former friends.

The incident in question is the leaked photos that emerged allegedly showing Delevingne and Heard kissing in an elevator back in 2016.

According to the post, Depp "didn't know until it had been brought up in the trial and not long after, she saw the footage herself."

DeuxMoi's post seems to hint that the leaked photos of Delevingne and Heard are what caused Depp to cut ties with Delevingne, who she had been friends with since 2015.

Cara Delevigne and Lily-Rose Depp were connected through their work with Chanel.

They were both tapped to be in the Chanel eyewear campaign — Depp appeared as the face of the brand in September 2015, while Delevingne followed in April 2016.


In Chanel's Fall 2017 collection, the brand transformed into what fans called "NASA headquarters," because of the futuristic collection and approach.

Guests at the show included Delevingne and Depp, who both posed for a photo with the late Karl Lagerfeld.


After the fashion show, Depp and her then-boyfriend Ash Stymest were also spotted leaving dinner together at the Royal Monceau in Paris with Delevingne.

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Despite the rumors, Depp and Delevingne still follow each other on Instagram, though the last time they were photographed hanging out was at the Met Gala in 2019.

Amber Heard and Cara Delevigne allegedly had an affair.

Though the photos of Heard and Delevingne are rather grainy, many people were convinced that the images proved Heard had cheated on Johnny during their marriage.

Johnny and Heard's divorce was not finalized until 2017, though, and while it is unclear when the images were taken, it could mean that the couple had already been separated at that time.

The series of photos were first shared by YouTuber Andy Signore on his show "Popcorned Planet," and the location of the elevator was seemingly confirmed by Ami Goodheart, a Hollywood Costume designer, and resident of the same building.


"I'm looking at the cheekbones, I'm looking at the eyebrows. The eyebrows, you know how she has those like very prominent eyebrows. You are showing me pictures of Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne making out in my elevator downstairs," Goodheart said in the video.

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