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Why Fans Think Kim Kardashian Deliberately Provoked Kanye West To Distract From Her Recent Scandal

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Kim Kardashian, North West, Pete Davidson, Kanye West

Just last week you couldn’t search Kim Kardashian’s name on any social media platform or search engine without being reminded of her latest scandal.

Now, after a series of recent actions — that some fans consider to be a part of a carefully crafted strategy — Kim is making headlines for much more redeeming reasons.

Fans suspect Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s latest interactions with Kanye West are a PR stunt.

Kim has been in many people’s good graces lately now that we can all see just how much she has had to deal while navigating a divorce with ex-husband Kanye West.

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But the reality TV star was the subject of some intense criticism last week after a video went viral of her suggesting that women needed to “get your f**king ass up and work” in order to make it in business. 

The video prompted discussions about Kardashian’s privilege, accusations that she exploits workers in her various businesses, and stirred up plenty of debate about the famous family’s ignorance towards pay gaps and wealth inequality.

The Kardashians are no strangers to controversy but in a month during which the family is trying to promote their new Hulu reality series and launch various products in their businesses, this kind of scandal could be detrimental.

However, Kim Kardashian’s advice to women in business has been quickly overshadowed by Kanye West’s antics.

Fans have been questioning whether Kim may have deliberately staged a distraction to divert attention from her controversial interview.

Shortly after the interview went viral, Kim went “Instagram official” with boyfriend Pete Davidson by posting a cute PDA snap.

Even then fans weren’t buying it and insisted that Kim was avoiding having to apologize for her tone-deaf comments. 

Next came a TikTok posted by Kim to her daughter North’s account — something Kim and everyone who keeps up with her knows is likely to bother West.

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Now, this is not to say that Kim should have to edit her daughter’s actions just to avoid West’s wrath but fans have wondered if Kim was trying to antagonize her ex as a distraction tactic.

“I really think she is pushing for some sort of outburst from Kanye to distract from her own negative press,” fans mused on Reddit.

However, we must be cautious to not blame a woman for the actions of her ex-husband.

Kanye West’s latest Instagram rant pushed negative press away from Kim Kardashian.

West addressed the TikToks in an Instagram post writing, “I told y’all before about this Tik Tok stuff Now my 8-year-old on here singing she fell in love with an emo girl.”

He then followed up with a series of videos criticizing Kim’s parenting, suggesting he is being prevented from having a say over his children’s upbringing and alleging that Davidson has been sending taunting messages. 

All this was enough for fans to stand up for Kim yet again, and rightfully so considering how cruel her ex has been.

But, whether it was intentional or not, there is no denying that West’s actions have completely overshadowed Kim’s controversy. 

And fans of the Kardashians know that, when it comes to the famous family, there are few things that aren’t carefully planned out to work in their favor. 

That said, if West wants to distract from Kim by continuing to berate her online, that's on him and is still completely unfair of him.

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