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Kim Kardashian Slammed For North West’s ‘Inappropriate’ Corset Top At Wedding Party

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Kim Kardashian, North West

After a weekend full of unique Kardashian outfits, fans are coming for Kim Kardashian over photos of her daughter North West.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got married for the third time in Italy with their family and friends present. 

Amid all the weird and wonderful styles, North's unique take on wedding fashion has caused a stir.

Kim Kardashian is getting hate for North West's corset top.

During Kourtney and Barker's wedding weekend in Italy, Kim and her 8-year-old daughter, North were seen out in the city of Portofino with the eldest of Kanye West's kids wearing a corset top over a long-sleeved shirt and leggings.

Fans have always admired Kim for her innovative and unique outfits, however, fans feel North’s outfit isn’t right for her.

Pictures of North wearing a corset were also posted on Reddit where many people shared their thoughts.

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One user wrote, “Hate the corset for her. (It’s the mom in me) But that said, I love her outfits and I really hope to see this girl killing it in the fashion industry in the future!!”

Another user wrote, “Over a T-shirt seems more [age-appropriate] In the fashion sense. If that corset is tightened to thin her child body out, 100% not okay.”

Kardashian fans deemed the corset inappropriate for North West.

As a corset was worn by women in the Victorian era to shape their figures, fans thought the outfit was inappropriate for North. 

There were similar reactions when she donned a black version of the pink corset.

However, some devoted Kardashian fans called out the people hating on North or giving backlash to Kim. 

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They claimed that North's outfit can be considered fashionable for a kid and that there is nothing wrong with it. 

As North was covered from head to toe and she can be seen wearing a layer under the corset, nothing about her outfit seems inappropriate for her.   

One Twitter user wrote, “Y’all chill…..now y’all are just being haters, north’s fully covered and the corset is obviously well made for a kid that is it’s not like the tight ones to make ur waist look snatched type…y’all just enjoy hating on this family.”

 Another user wrote, “And I’ve come to the conclusion y’all are the weirdo cause North not even wearing a real corset. Looks like a little girl playing [dress-up] to me #stopsexualizingkids.”

There were many other comments addressing the same issue. As some people always have comments to pass around and find the bad things in each situation, there is no need to sexualize a child.

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