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Kardashians Accused Of 'Faking' Storyline To 'Cover Up' Astroworld Tragedy

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The Kardashians, Travis Scott

The Kardashians are being accused of faking storylines in their Hulu show in order to avoid addressing the Astroworld controversy.

The show has made no mention of the November 5 tragedy in which 10 people died at a festival hosted by Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend.

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After last week’s episode, which filmed the lead-up to and aftermath of Kris Jenner’s November 5 birthday, fans noted that the family seemed to overlook the fatal concert.

But now, fans have recovered evidence that the cover-up may be worse than previously thought.

The Kardashians allegedly “faked” Kendall Jenner’s storyline to cover up Astroworld.

In the episode, Kendall Jenner is notably absent from her mother’s celebratory birthday dinner which was attended by all of her older sisters.

Kendall even appears in one scene alongside Hailey Bieber, evidently on a trip to Miami.

"I love these little trips that we do, I’m just sad that I’m missing my mom’s birthday. I’ll be back to give her a nice birthday hug in a couple of days," Kendall said in a confessional.

However, Kendall was not in Miami on November 5 as she attended Travis Scott’s Astroworld alongside sister Kylie and her niece, Stormi, on the night of the catastrophic crowd crush.

Kendall Jenner did not visit Miami until later in November.

The model attended a friend's wedding on November 11, alongside Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid.

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Photos of her in the city before this date don’t seem to be available anywhere, suggesting the family edited the show to bypass having to address Astroworld.

Fans accused The Kardashians of delaying their show’s release in order to edit out Astroworld.

One viewer tweeted: "The reason the Kardashians’ Hulu show premiere was delayed 2 months is bc they chose to edit out every single thing about Astroworld and fudge the storylines like pretending Kendall was in Miami."

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Some fans noted that it would have been impossible for the family to respectfully address the tragedy on the show, not to mention the fact that Travis Scott’s legal issues may have prevented them from doing so.

But, still, viewers expressed disappointment about the family’s dishonesty.

"We’re not stupid. We know Kendall was with Kylie and Travis in Houston during the Astroworld accident on Kris’s birthday. Don’t play it off like Kendall was in Miami the whole time,” said another fan.

‘The Kardashians’ is airing weekly on Hulu but it doesn’t yet appear that the family will address Astroworld on the show.

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