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Drake Just Won’t Stop Hinting At An Affair With Kim Kardashian Amid His Feud With Kanye West

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Why People Think Kanye West May Be Heading Into Another Mental Health CrisisThings heated up between Drake and Kanye West over the weekend after Drake’s collaboration with Trippie Redd called ‘Betrayal’ where he says “All these fools I'm beefin' that I barely know” and mentions West directly.

While fans wait for their respective albums to be released, rumored to be competing for a release date, the age-old rumors that Drake and Kim Kardashian had an affair have made a return.

Did Kim Kardashian cheat on Kanye West with Drake?

Though Kardashian shut down rumors she hooked up with Drake in 2018, that hasn't stopped the rapper from hinting at an affair. 

We thought we’d cover all the times Drake dropped hints at their involvement despite the Kardashian’s denial of the rumors.

Early in 2018, West was rumored to have leaked Drake’s secret child, to which Drake got mad at and started all of the beef with him and Pusha T and so began the hints at a relationship with Kardashian.

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Drake's 'In My Feelings' is rumored to be about Kim Kardashian.

Drake released his fifth studio album, Scorpion on June 29th, 2018, which included hit tracks like “God’s Plan” and “In My Feelings.”

The latter of which, included lyrics that fans speculate are about the Kardashian.

“Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding? Say you'll never ever leave from beside me.”

The chorus of the song talks about someone named Kiki, which just so happens to be the cosmetic mogul’s nickname.

She even has a lipstick color called ‘Kiki’ in her KKW beauty line.

In another song on the album called “8 Out Of 10,” Drake shares that Kardashian secretly supports Drake and listens to his music.

“Your sister is pressing play, your trainer is pressing play, your wifey, your wifey, your wifey, your wifey—”.

‘Wifey,’ in this case may be Kim, who was married to Kanye at the time.

The way he repeats the phrase ‘your wifey’ is similar to the way that West repeated vocals on his 2010 song ‘Runaway’ which even featured Pusha T.

Drake's verse on 'Sicko Mode' disses Kanye. 

Also in 2018, Drake collaborated with Travis Scott to make “Sicko Mode.” Another song where he hints at his involvement with Kim.

First he makes a jab at Kanye's Addidas collaboration being less favorable than Drake's Nike collab — "Checks over stripes." 

In the second half of the song, he raps about his walking around the neighborhood that he lives in, and some fans on Twitter connected the dots.

“I crept down the block, made a right, cut the lights, paid the price.”

If you look at Drake’s home in the Hidden Hills, if he ‘creeps down the block’ and ‘makes a right,’ he’ll end up right at the Kardashian mansion.

All the sneaky lyrics about ‘creeping’ and ‘cutting the lights’ imply what he was doing in the mansion.

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Drake hints at 'confessing' to the alleged affair on 'Wants and Needs.'

A month after Kardashian’s February divorce filing, he released a small EP that included the song “Wants and Needs” with — you guessed it — hints about Kim.

“Yeah, I probably should go link with Yeezy, I need me some Jesus / But soon as I started confessing my sins, he wouldn't believe us.”

In the couple of years preceding this release, West started to be more open about his spirituality and his Christian beliefs.

Drake pokes fun at this by mentioning ‘Jesus’ and ‘confessing his sins.’

The sins he mentions may include having slept with his wife. It all seems too timely, considering the divorce filing happened a month before that.

Not only that, but after the song was released, The Sun reported that Drake had “started messaging her the moment it became clear that the divorce was inevitable.”

He was reportedly "ready to date" Kardashian and was confident that they would meet up soon.

However, this report wasn’t backed up with a lot of evidence and Drake, who laughed off the rumors, has said it was “Fake News.”

Once ‘Certified Lover Boy’ and ‘Donda’ come out, we’ll probably see a lot more lyrics pertaining to the drama, and maybe we’ll start to see some things unfolding, but until then, we can only speculate.

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