Jonah Hill's Ex-Girlfriend Explains Why She Waited Until His New Fiancé Had Their Baby Before Sharing His 'Abusive' Texts

The motive is not as vindictive as many thought it might be.

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In case you missed it, actor Jonah Hill’s ex-girlfriend, Sarah Brady, recently shared a flurry of texts between the two of them that dated back to 2021. The intention was to expose his alleged history of emotional abuse toward her.

Brady's revelations sparked a huge online debate about what constituted setting boundaries versus manipulating a partner.

Brady screenshotted a text message from Hill that listed several “plain and simple” things that would make her and him a mismatch if she chose to do them. The list included surfing with men and “inappropriate” interactions with them, posting pictures he did not approve of, and even rules about the type of women she was allowed to have relationships with.


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The attempt at exposing Jonah Hill didn’t have the intended outcome and at first the public supported him.

The bombshell Brady dropped initially backfired with a ton of support for Hill. Many believed that he was doing nothing wrong by stating his boundaries. They felt that he was well within his rights to say what he would and would not tolerate in a relationship, and that it was healthy and realistic for him to get a clear understanding of whether or not he and Brady were compatible.

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As the online conversation grew, people began to really break down Hill’s ‘dealbreakers’ and the tide began to turn, with them saying what he put forward as 'boundaries' was nothing more than controlling and manipulative.

People began to dig deeper into the list and thought that by telling Brady, a professional surfer, that she could no longer surf with other men or wear bathing suits in her pictures, Hill was attempting to change her identity. Many took issue with the fact that they thought he was trying to bury the parts of her that initially attracted him to her.

In a video shared by TikToker “TherapistJeff,” Hill was accused of using “therapy speak” to control his girlfriend’s behavior. According to Jeff, he was using a “commonly accepted positive concept” (boundaries) to mask his controlling behavior.



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Brady shared the therapist’s remarks in her Instagram story, explaining why she chose to wait almost two years to tell her truth.

When the texts between the two ex-lovers were shared, many cast suspicion on Brady because they did not understand why she waited all this time to release them to the public.

They thought she might be bitter and vindictive about the demise of the relationship, and about Hill moving on immediately after and having a baby with his new partner.

The questions about her motives prompted Brady to talk about why she chose to "expose" Hill now.

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In her Instagram story, Brady posted an audio clip of herself, saying there was no going back at this point and that she was in no way trying to slander her ex-boyfriend’s reputation. “I’m literally sharing their own words,” she said.

The surfer went on to explain that she wanted to wait until after Hill’s fiancée had given birth before she shared her tale of emotional abuse suffered at his hands. According to her, she wanted the mother of his child, Olivia Millar, to see the screenshots and be protected from reliving her own experiences with the actor.

She went on to say that seeing all of this while pregnant could have negatively impacted Millar and her unborn child, something Brady did not want to do. But she stands by her reasoning, citing her concern for Hill’s new partner.

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Brady understands that the timing of her revelations may not be the best in other people’s eyes.

She has seen the commentary from the public criticizing her for displaying private messages right after Hill became a new father and should be bonding with his little one in peace and harmony, but admitted that her considerations ended with his fiancée and that she was not necessarily worried about the impact on him.

In the end, Brady said she knew that the new parents would not suffer any physical harm from what she had to say. She simply wanted Millar to be aware of what she was dealing with regarding Hill, and make an informed decision about how to move forward.

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