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Joe Jonas Called Out For The ‘Creepy’ Way He Asked Out A 13-Year-Old Gigi Hadid — Before They Went On To Date

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Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid is one of the highest-paid models in the world and is a true A-lister nowadays.

She's got an estimated net worth of $29 million, has been the face of scores of fashion brands like Chanel, Versace, and Moschino, and even has her own fashion brand, Guest In Residence.

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But before fans followed the 27-year-old model's every move, it was her first high-profile romance that launched her into a household name.

We're talking of course about her relationship with musician Joe Jonas.

Hadid's romance with Jonas was all fans of both stars could talk about back in 2015 as they gushed over what seemed like an adorable pairing.

But all that swooning has begun to sour as fans remember certain details of Hadid and Jonas' relationship that now seem... well, downright "creepy" in some fans' words.

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Gigi Hadid was only 13 when 19-year-old Joe Jonas first asked her out.

Hadid spoke about meeting Jonas back in 2015 during a Q&A on the social media app Periscope after the two first went public about their relationship.

Most people seemed to find the details of their meeting cute at the time, but it all seems a bit off nowadays.

Hadid and Jonas first met at the 2010 Grammy Awards.

Hadid attended the ceremony with her mother, former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Yolanda Hadid, and her then-stepfather, composer and songwriter David Foster, now married to singer Katharine McPhee.

19-year-old Jonas approached 13-year-old Hadid at the ceremony to ask her out, but she turned him down after Jonas' overtures left her flustered because she had no dating experience.

As she explained in her 2015 Q&A, "I was so nervous; I literally didn’t even know what it meant to hang out with a boy."

And further underlining how... well, creepy this seems by today's standards, Hadid's other reason for turning Jonas down takes things to a whole new level.

She went on to say, "GRAMMYs are on a Sunday, and I didn’t want to tell him that I had school the next day, so I was like, 'No, maybe next time.'"

The underage thing is bad enough, but when the person you're asking out rebuffs you because she's embarrassed it's a school night? Well... yikes.

But wait, it only gets more uncomfortable from here.

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Yolanda Hadid was totally okay with the age difference and even tried to help Gigi and Joe get together.

Yolanda Hadid has come under lots of fire for her parenting of Gigi and her sister, fellow model Bella Hadid, over the years.

Her coaching Gigi in a 2013 episode of "RHOBH" to "have two almonds" instead of a meal is now so infamous it's spawned a social media meme about the "almond mom" — mothers obsessed with diet culture and their children's weight.

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And Yolanda's role in Gigi and Jonas' first meeting certainly isn't going to win her any points nowadays.

As Gigi went on to reveal in her 2015 Q&A, Jonas worked his way around Gigi turning him down by slipping his phone number to Yolanda and asking her to pass it along — which she did.

Gigi said "[He] wrote [his number] on a piece of paper and gave it to my mom. And then we've been friends ever since. Except now. We're more than friends, obvs."

Gigi has always maintained that she and Jonas were just friends prior to officially getting together in 2015.

But that seems somewhat hard to believe given another detail of their history together.

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Gigi dated Joe's brother, Nick Jonas, first when she was underage.

Long before Gigi and Jonas made headlines, she dated his younger brother and Jonas Brothers bandmate, Nick Jonas.

The two are said to have been on-again/off-again for two years beginning in 2012 — when Gigi was just 17 years old.

Gigi and Joe's link-up was also rumored to have caused major tension at the time between Joe and Nick, who is said to have found the pairing "strange" given his history with Gigi.

All three parties have since moved on, of course.

Fittingly, Gigi is rumored to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio — rumored to have also dated her sister Bella — following her split with One Direction's Zayn Malik, with whom she shares two-year-old daughter Khai.

Joe and Nick are now both married fathers.

Joe has two daughters with "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner, and Nick shares baby daughter Malti Marie with wife Priyanka Chopra.

You can't help but wonder whether being fathers to daughters has changed their perspective on underage dating.

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