Machine Gun Kelly’s Creepy History Of Sexualizing Underage Girls

Megan Fox could do way better.

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Machine Gun Kelly — otherwise known as Megan Fox’s fiancé — has created a lot of buzz for his new relationship and his friendship with Pete Davidson. 

The 31-year-old rapper has had a creepy history of sexualizing underage girls throughout his career, despite proposing to Megan Fox who is four years older than him.

Machine Gun Kelly has made many inappropriate comments about underage girls. 

Machine Gun Kelly has a thinly veiled history of sexualizing minors, talking about pursuing children and fetishizing women of color. 


MGK talked about wanting to pursue Kendall Jenner when she was a minor. 

In 2013, when Machine Gun Kelly did an interview with Fuse, he raved about Kendall Jenner, who was 17 years old, being his celebrity crush while he was 23 at the time.

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When the interviewer asked if he was counting down the days until she was 18 —which is a creepy question in and of itself — MGK responded, “I’m not waiting ‘till she’s 18 I’ll go now."

"I’m 23, I’m not like a creepy age. I’m 23, she’s 17 and she’s a celebrity — there is no limits right there,” he continued.


Well, according to the laws of California where Kendall Jenner lives, the age of consent is 18 no matter someone's celebrity status.

There are no Romeo & Juliet laws in California, so no matter how old MGK was at the time, it was illegal. Yes, including if you are also underage. Two consenting minors who engage in sexual activity is also illegal and they can be charged for it.

“Robert Plant, who was one of the greatest lead singers ever… dated a girl that was 14,” he defended himself. “Axel Rose, who was one of the biggest badasses ever, dated a girl that was 16.”


Thanks for reminding us, MGK, maybe these men weren't greats after all!

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“I don’t care. Say what you want, man,” he said. “If Kendall Jenner was in your bedroom naked, and you’re 50 — you’re going.”

Is 50 not one of those creepy ages he was talking about? How far does the line go for Machine Gun Kelly?

Machine Gun Kelly sexualized Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers. 

Machine Gun Kelly’s famous beef with rapper Eminem started when he tweeted about Em’s daughter, who was 16 at the time, back in 2012.

The tweet reads, “ok so I just saw a picture of Eminem’s daughter...and I have to say, she is hot as f---, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king.”


Weird that he would talk about his supposed idol’s underage daughter like that and then be surprised when he disses you, but it gets much worse than that.

MGK once called 13-year-olds 'hot.'

In 2010, when he was just 19 years old, he tweeted probably the worst offender of everything so far.

The tweet read, “I wish 13/14/15 year old girls weren't allowed to be hot so I wouldn’t feel like such a creeper when I look at them..Im still 19 #imjustsayin.”

Of course, the man is 31 years old now and hasn’t said anything drastic since these tweets, but this is a history of pedophilic comments that shouldn’t be erased.


Machine Gun Kelly has fetishized Black women. 

Not only that, but he said some questionable things when asked about his opinions on Black women when asked about a tweet he made that said he liked “chocolate milk.”

“I’ll tell it like this, my child is Black,” he says, to the surprise of the interviewer, and he immediately says, “Black girls give the best head.”

Why he had followed up with that statement is odd, but also the generalization and the manner in which he speaks about it are more worrisome.


It was rumored that shortly after these comments, a Black woman behind the interviewer walked away, visibly offended, and Machine Gun Kelly had called her a “dirty n**** b****.”

He denied the claims, saying that people spliced the video and inserted audio clips of someone saying the n-word in between his words.

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