The Bizarre 'Loyalty Test' Jesse James Decker Allegedly Makes Husband Eric Decker Pass To Stay Together

She has several ways to test him.

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If you don’t know who Jessie James Decker is, you’ve most likely seen or heard her name swirling in the media over the last few days. 

The country singer found herself in hot water after posting a picture of her three children where it appeared she photoshopped abs onto their bodies — an accusation she denies.

However, this isn’t the first time Decker has faced some questionable accusations.


Jessie James Decker allegedly tests Eric Decker’s fidelity with anonymous texts.

Decker is married to ex-NFL player, Eric Decker. 

According to TikTok user Sydney Kaplan (@sydenyrekaps), Decker and her friends often “test” their husbands' fidelity by texting them from unknown numbers pretending to be other females to see how they respond. 

The accusations surfaced in a Facebook group and were shared by someone claiming to have a mutual friend with Decker.

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While they were at a bachelorette party, the mutual friend claimed that not only does Decker test her husband by posing as other women, she pretends that other men are messaging her to get her husband’s reaction. 


During the bachelorette, one of the friends brought up Roman Josi, a Swiss professional hockey player who plays for the Nashville Predators. 

The friend alleged that Decker then got the idea to text her own phone from one of her friends’ numbers and pretend to be Josi sending her flirtatious messages to see how her husband would react.

“[She] called Eric and was like, ‘who is Roman Josi?’ He won’t stop texting me. I can show you the messages,” a screenshot of the claim reads.

“Then [she] told all the girls, ‘that’s how it is done. He needs to remember that every guy wants me.” 

“Sounds like a very unstable marriage to me, but what do I know,” Kaplan says. 


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She also includes other controversial issues involving Jessie James Decker throughout her video where she labels the country singer as “a problematic influencer.” 

The TikToker shares a screenshot from a Reddit thread where a fan reported Decker’s rude behavior and coldness toward her when she approached her on the street. 

“I said, ‘excuse me, are you Jessie James?!’ and she said, ‘mhmm,” and kept walking!” the fan wrote. 

The fan added that she later saw Decker again in a restaurant she was dining in, where Decker allegedly made her sister swap seats at the table with her when she spotted the fan. 


Another fan claimed to have run into Decker on a separate occasion telling her that she was a “huge fan,” to which Decker allegedly replied, “well most people are.” 

Some TikTok users were not surprised by Decker’s behavior. 

“I generally like everyone but she is insufferable,” one user commented. 

“She also apparently is the reason Eric has nothing to do with his family anymore. It’s only her family,” another user added. 

“I live in Nashville, she was in her store when I went in one day. Not friendly at all and hides from her fans,” another user shared. 

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However, other users defended the singer and claimed that Kaplan’s statements and messages were false. 

“I’ve done her hair before and she was extremely nice. Down to earth, very relatable, and tipped well,” one user reported. 

“I met her and she was a doll! Literally got photos with her and everything. Don't believe the hype. She was kind and genuine,” another user wrote. 

“Not y’all making judgments and assumptions about someone you don’t even know.  Don’t always believe what you see on the internet kids,” another user warned. 

Despite the message screenshots, Jessie James Decker nor Eric Decker have confirmed that Jessie tests Eric’s fidelity. 


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