Exclusive! Jessie James: The Love Advice My Mama Gave Me

Jessie James

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby and a hit reality TV show on E! — or at least that's how the rhyme goes for Jessie James, singer, songwriter and star of Eric & Jessie: Game On, which was recently picked up for a second season.

"It hasn't been that difficult," said Jessie when asked how she's juggling marriage, pregnancy, two huge careers, and now a reality show. "Obviously, he is swamped with football, at the heart of football season right now, and I'm in Nashville right now writing and doing meetings and stuff, but we make it work. We figure it out, [and] we stay in contact 24/7. I try not to stay away from him too much — he's a needy husband, so he likes me around. We love each other so much, and that's what makes it easy."

Jessie and husband Eric Decker, who's a starting player for the Super Bowl-bound Denver Broncos, married last June and announced in September that they're expecting their first child, later revealed to be a girl, in March.

YourTango: You've mentioned in other interviews that you've picked out a name for your baby girl, but have you come up with any nursery ideas yet?
Jessie James:
With him being in the NFL, and all the things changing — we don't even know what house we're going to be in — it's really hard to set up her nursery, but we do have ideas. I love mermaids, which for a girl would be kind of cute … or to have an animal room, maybe with little bunnies. I know it's going to be pretty and pink, that's for sure.

YourTango: What have you found to be most surprising about the first year of marriage?
Jessie James:
Nothing's been surprising — it just keeps getting better and better. I think being married, to actually have that official, where we know we said our vows under God in a church, and we have those rings on our fingers, it just makes it that much more spiritual for us … more special and more beautiful.

YourTango: What's the best love advice you've ever received?
Jessie James:
It's kind of cheesy, but my mama, who you all have seen on the show, says to cook for your man. She's Southern, so when he comes home, be pullin' a pie out of the oven. That's always been her advice, and you know what? It works. Your man wants to see you in the kitchen, puttin' some love into some food; it works for Eric, that's for sure.

YourTango: And when Eric comes home from being on the road, what sorts of things are you cooking for him?
Jessie James:
When I was not pregnant, I was cooking a lot healthier, lots of fish and vegetables. But being pregnant, I want the good stuff, a lot of Cajun things, jambalaya, gumbo, pot roast, lasagna — anything that his heart desires and mine.

YourTango: What can we expect from the upcoming season of Eric & Jessie: Game On?
Jessie James:
You're going to see a lot of me being super-duper pregnant, probably waddling around and probably the final days of that. On top of being pregnant, and all that comes along with that — the Lamaze classes, the ultrasounds … you'll see more of my sister and her love life. You're also going to see a little bit of [Eric's] career and a little bit of my career, and how I'm now going to be a working mom. It's the 21st century, and there are a lot of women who have kids and are career women, and I definitely show a lot of that and how women can do it; we can do it all.

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