The One Condition Jennifer Lopez Gave Marc Anthony Before Giving Her Blessing For Him To Marry Nadia Ferreira

If Anthony wanted Lopez's blessing, he had to agree to this condition.

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Marc Anthony is now a married man once more.

On January 28, Anthony tied the knot with Nadia Ferreira, a model and the first runner-up in the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, at a star-studded ceremony at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Anthony, 54, and Ferreira, 23, announced their engagement in May 2022 just three months after confirming their relationship. 

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The ceremony even brought out some well-known faces, including David and Victoria Beckham, Salma Hayek, and Lin Manuel Miranda.

However, before the wedding, Jennifer Lopez — who was married to Anthony for seven years — allegedly refused to give her blessing until Anthony agreed to one demand.

Jennifer Lopez had one condition for Marc Anthony before allowing him to receive her blessing.

According to Marca, a source revealed that Lopez had one stipulation for Anthony and his new wife.

Anthony and Lopez married in 2004 but eventually split in 2011.

The former couple shares two children, twins Emme and Max, 14, who were a huge factor in Lopez's decision to give Anthony her blessing ahead of his fourth marriage.


Lopez allegedly told Anthony that Ferreira would need to treat their children well as their stepmother.

"Jennifer Lopez's concern about Ferreira has to do with the fact that [she] will become a stepmother to her children, and she is not willing to leave them with just anyone," the source told the publication.

Following the announcement of Anthony's engagement, Lopez reportedly sent flowers to the happy couple, congratulating them on the proposal.

A source told Hollywood Life that while Lopez is happy for Anthony, she doesn't have an opinion of Anthony's relationships.

"Jen stopped having an opinion about Marc’s romantic life a long time ago. It’s been so many years since they broke up at this point and they’ve both moved on with other people," the source claimed.


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Lopez and Anthony have continued to remain amicable since their split.

Since Lopez and Anthony's divorce was finalized in 2014, the two have remained good friends and co-parents to their children.

“One of the reasons Jen and Marc’s co-parenting relationship works so well is because they keep their conversations all about the kids," a source told Hollywood Life.

"The only thing that matters to her is that anybody he’s with is good to Max and Emme."

Lopez herself even admitted that she and Anthony have continued to be friendly throughout the years.


During an interview on The View in 2017, Lopez said, "Marc and I are good how we are right now."

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“There’s a reason we’re not together, but we’re great friends and we’re parents together. We’re even working on a Spanish album together. That has been even better for us.”


The 'Jenny from the Block' singer shared that she and Anthony work better as music partners than they did while in a relationship.

"We met working, and that’s where we’re really magical, when we’re on stage together, and so we leave it there. That’s it.”

Anthony was even supportive of Lopez following her wedding to Ben Affleck, according to Entertainment Tonight.


"Marc Anthony [has[ been supportive,” an insider told the publication. “There’s been no bad blood or hard feelings as of late.”

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