Minister Who Married Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Reveals Their 'Emotional' Vows

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The minister who married Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently revealed details about their Las Vegas wedding, including the "emotional vows" that were exchanged.

In an interview with People, Ryan Wolfe, the lead pastor at Grace Christian Center of Las Vegas, said Affleck and Lopez had come with "their own vows that they wanted to share with one another."

The ceremony took place at  A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas on the night of July 16, a decision that many fans assumed was spontaneous. Lopez previously considering a Las Vegas wedding back when she and Affleck were engaged in the early 2000s.


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's wedding minister says their vows were 'beautiful.'

"They had their own words and they were beautiful words to each other," Wolfe said, adding that "it was an emotional moment they shared with one another. You can definitely see the love that they have for each other."

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Lopez and Affleck, who announced their engagement back in April 2022, rekindled their romance in 2021 after previously dating and getting engaged in 2002 before ultimately calling it off in January 2004.


In an interview with People earlier this year, Lopez shared what makes her connection with Affleck stronger now than it had been two decades ago.

"We're older now, we're smarter, we have more experience, we're at different places in our lives, we have kids now, and we have to be very conscious of those things."

According to the minister, it had been quite a shock to see Lopez and Affleck turn up at the chapel to get married.


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"We were locking up everything, and they get out and we were like, 'Okay, well I guess we can do one more,'" Wolfe recalled. "So they walked in, and I know Jennifer Lopez, of course. But you don't expect to see Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez walking through the door every day."

For their ceremony, Wolfe said that the couple "wanted just a regular wedding" and to exchange their own vows with a "little bit of God."

While speaking to Page Six, Wolfe said that Affleck audibly "gasped" as Lopez walked down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride" in an elaborate, off-the-shoulder lace design by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad.


“He watched her walk down the aisle and you could just tell he was like, ‘Wow, woah,’” Wolfe said “He let out a little gasp. You could tell he was definitely just in the moment.”

Along with Wolfe and wedding coordinator Kenosha Booth Portis, there were only two other people in attendance at the wedding, Lopez's 14-year-old child, Emme, and one of Affleck's three children.


"Now they have to be 18 to be the legal witness, but I allowed their kids to sign their souvenir document. So they signed that and I gave that to them," Wolfe said, adding that their children seemed "thrilled."

Wolfe added that he believes Lopez and Affleck are the real deal, calling the two "soulmates."

"I 100% believe that they will last. They will make it. I really do believe they're meant for each other."


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