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David & Victoria Beckham's Nanny Leaked Private Information About Their Marriage Issues After Quitting

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David Beckham, Victoria Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham have been propped up as Hollywood’s golden couple for years.

On the outside, they appear to be the perfect family, but their former nanny, Abbie Gibson, was fired for lifting up that veil of perfection.

In a seven-page 2005 report published by the now-defunct News of the World, via Daily Mail, Gibson revealed that the couple had ongoing, intense arguments.

David and Victoria Beckham's nanny leaked the couple's alleged marriage issue to the press.

According to Gibson, the seemingly happy could have arguments all the time.

The arguments were nothing new for Gibson, but there was a particular morning when she claims she heard David call Victoria “a f–--ing b--ch.”

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At the time, Victoria was seven months pregnant with their son, Cruz.

The next day, after David left for work, Victoria allegedly revealed to Gibson that she didn’t know what to do for their marriage.

He was “on about splitting up,” and she pleaded for him to wait until their third baby was born.

Gibson also claimed Beckham had affairs with personal assistant Rebecca Loos, beautician Dannielle Heath, and at least one other woman.

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David Beckham has often been accused of cheating on Victoria.

The famous soccer star had been dealing with cheating accusations as early as 2010, twelve years after the couple famously tied the knot.

Even before that, in 2003, he was photographed leaving a club with a mystery woman in Spain.

That was the same woman that Gibson claimed he cheated on Victoria with, their personal assistant, Rebecca Loos.

"She told me she had pleaded with him to tell her the truth about Rebecca,” said Gibson.

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"She told me she asked him, 'Just tell me, did it happen?' and he replied: 'No, it didn't.'"

Gibson claimed Victoria was deeply insecure about being pregnant and constantly compared her looks to younger women.

One night she told Gibson, "I feel fat and I feel like s---. What is there to stop him from going out and finding someone who has more in the way of looks?"

The Beckhams ended up taking legal action against their nanny.

In 2009, Gibson was ordered by a court to apologize for disclosing this private and confidential information about them.

It was revealed that Gibson had received £125,000 for the New Of The World article.

Fortunately, the Beckhams have been able to rise above the speculation about their personal lives.

In a 2015 interview with Grazia, Victoria told the magazine that “I have never listened to, or commented on, the rumors about any aspect of my life.”

The former Spice Girl continued by expressing gratitude for her family, “I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and beautiful, healthy, happy children.”

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