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Rumor Circulates That Malia Obama Is Pregnant With Rapper Future’s Baby

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Barack Obama, Malia Obama, Future

Rumors are swirling that Malia Obama, the former first daughter of the United States, is expecting her first child with rapper, Future. 

The 24-year-old daughter of former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama lives a relatively private life but is now the subject of a bizarre viral claim linking her to the 38-year-old rapper.

Is Malia Obama pregnant with Future's baby?

No, the oldest Obama child is most definitely not expecting a child with the rapper but how did this story that has taken the internet by storm come to life? 

The rumor that Obama was pregnant with the rapper’s child originated from an Instagram account known as “Rapstreet. TV,” a news page that is famous for generating false headlines and stories about celebrities. 

On September 6, the account posted a side-by-side photo of Obama and Future containing the text, “BREAKING: FUTURE and MALIA OBAMA expecting FIRST CHILD TOGETHER.”

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“It is being reported that #future and Malia Obama are expecting their first child together," the caption reads. "The news came as a shock to many as the relationship between Malia and Future was kept secret until now." 

The false rumor about Malia Obama and Future's non-existent relationship quickly spread.

Despite the account being known for posting celebrity spoofs and false information for humorous purposes, some internet users believed that the rumor was true. 

“Malia Obama pregnant by Future is not the news I expected to see today,” one Twitter user said in a tweet. 

“I can’t even take Obama serious nomore cause why is yo daughter pregnant by future fr,” another user wrote. 

Others took to TikTok to post their reactions to the news. 

“Finding out Malia Obama is pregnant with Future’s baby,” one surprised woman wrote in a textpost over her video, including the audio, “what on earth is going on in the house of commons.” 



However, some people quickly realized that Obama’s pregnancy was just a hilarious rumor and called out others for genuinely believing it. 

“How did Malia Obama and Future wind up in the same sentence. Y’all are lame,” one person said in a tweet. 

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“The way folks are spreading the Malia Obama and Future rumors it’s no wonder why neither girls plan opening up their social media accounts and honestly I don’t blame them,” another user wrote. 

Malia and her sister, Sasha, do not have any public social media accounts. 

Malia Obama reportedly has a boyfriend.

In addition to the rumors being false, Obama is reportedly dating 32-year-old Ethiopian record producer and DJ, Dawit Eklund

The two were first spotted together in Los Angeles picking up a take-out order. 

Neither Obama nor Future have commented on the pregnancy rumors surrounding them. 

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