Fans Think Olivia Wilde & Harry Styles Are Having A Baby After Spotting Possible Pregnancy Bump In Photos

Everyone's wilde-ing out!

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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde have been keeping their relationship pretty low-key since going public with their relationship in January 2021.

But with the release of "Harry's House," the singer's third solo album, the couple are facing more scrutiny than ever.

One rumor making its way across social media right now is that the "Booksmart" director is expecting a baby with Styles after she was spotted out in New York wearing a rather suspiciously loose t-shirt.


Have a look for yourself and see what you think!  

Is Olivia Wilde pregnant with Harry Styles’ baby?

Rumors about an alleged "baby bump" are stirring up mixed feelings all over the Internet as fans debate whether or not there's any validity to the claims. 

Of course, there are many possible explanations for this image. Certain angles, bloating and a natural fluctuation of weight can give anyone the appearance of a bump.

And we should probably stop speculating about women's bodies now!

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Other images from the same trip don't appear to show a bump.


While Styles and Wilde have been extremely private about their relationship, photographs of sweet displays of affection suggest all's been going well. 

And this isn't the first time they've faced pregnancy rumors.

Fans spotted a possible baby bump in a video of Olivia Wilde at one of Harry Styles' concerts. 

In September 2021, a Tiktok account called advocateforharry uploaded a video showing Olivia dancing along to her beau's recent performance in Philadelphia. In all-capital letters, the caption reads, "PLEASE TELL ME THAT ISN'T A BUMP."

The video, which was posted three days ago, has already amassed over 22,000 likes. 


However, many in the comments seemed skeptical about this "clue," with many pointing out that it's just "female anatomy." 

"She has a uterus, that's all it is, it's normal anatomy," wrote user tpwknr. 

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Others agreed and also pointed out the actress has two children with her ex, Jason Sudeikis

"That's her stomach! Actually, she looks pretty damn good for two kids," exclaimed a fan before adding, "That being said, I still want her away from Harry" with a crying laughing emoji. 

Harry Styles already has a name picked out for a future daughter. 

In 2017, the heartthrob singer joined Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. When the host questioned if he was interested in growing a family, Harry said he definitely wants children "when he's in that place." 


Jokingly (or maybe not!) he also told Seacrest that he'd name his daughter Niall after his former band mate, Niall Horan.

Earlier in his career, Styles had a similar response when asked about future children. Back in 2013, he mentioned that he "can't wait to have kids" and that it's something he's "looking forward to."

Fans are using this unchanged sentiment as "proof" of a new baby. 


Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde were reported to be planning to have kids someday. 

Back when they started dating, tabloids were already sprouting rumors that Wilde was carrying a Styles baby.

There were claims that the lovebirds were deeply in love, with Styles allegedly telling Wilde, "he sees her as the mother of his kids one day."

Friends of the singer also reportedly claimed this is Styles' "most serious relationship ever," fueling fan speculation even further. 

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