Haylie Duff Leaked Ruthless Messages Kim Kardashian Allegedly Sent Calling Her A 'Horse' After Feud With Paris Hilton

One of the most iconic celebrity feuds.

Haylie Duff, Kim Kardashian Instagram & MySpace

The media loves a good celebrity-beef story and what better way to stir drama than sliding into Kim Kardashian’s MySpace messages? 

In one of the most explosive celebrity feuds you have most likely forgotten about, Kim Kardashian and Haylie Duff exchanged some words on the social media platform following a prior altercation involving Kardashian's bestie at the time, Paris Hilton.

She does not hold back on her true feelings for Hilary Duff's older sister in the appalling messages.


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The archived MySpace messages reveal Kim Kardashian calling Haylie Duff a ‘horse.’

Back in 2007, actress, singer, and songwriter Duff found herself in some unexpected drama with her fellow Hollywood friend and American media personality, Paris Hilton. 

The two were both recording versions of the same single, “Screwed,” at the time.

After they both recorded the song separately, Duff and Hilton were bickering over how they would release the song. Battle lines were drawn between the two after Hilton’s version of the song was leaked via the radio onto the Internet.


Just a few weeks before, Duff announced that she was attempting to block Hilton from releasing the track. 

The leaked song resulted in some animosity between the former friends, to say the least — not only did Duff have to worry about Hilton, but she also had her loyal friends that had her back to fear.

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One of those friends was the reality star, Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian did not hesitate to defend her bestie amid the feud, even after Duff attempted to befriend her, claiming that she was putting the past behind her. 

Duff decided to take to the most popular social networking services at the time to expose the vile messages Kardashian had sent her. 


Titling her MySpace bulletin post, “Kim Kardashian is really immature,” Duff revealed Kardashian’s responses after she tried clearing the air with her. 



“I’m really tired of this bad blood between us,” Duff wrote in a message to Kardashian sent on May 3, 2007. “The only reason we even know each other is because of Paris, and of course, she tries to stir things up because she doesn’t like me and wants you to be on her side.” 

Duff acknowledges that despite the way Hilton portrays her to Kardashian and the comments she has made to her in the past, she thinks that Kardashian is a “really nice girl” and believes that the two could “end up being good friends.” 


She invites Kardashian out for drinks so they can get to know each other better. Just three minutes later, Kardashian responds.

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Admitting that she is tired of all the unnecessary drama, she seems to accept Duff’s offer to be friends.

She apologizes for previously calling Duff “a stupid c–-t,” claiming that Hilton had instructed her to say it.

“I was desperate for attention but I’ve finally ditched her [Hilton] and I’m becoming my own person,” Kardashian writes, referring to Hilton as a “stupid lesbian.”

She then invites Duff to go out for drinks the following week. After Duff gladly accepts the invitation and asks what time they should meet, Kardashian fires back with a disgraceful remark.


“Yea um I forgot I don’t hang out with horses plus I’m busy. Sl-t,” she responds. The message clearly threw Duff off guard.

“This is why you should never move to Hollywood, the place is full of arrogant, immature, and offensive b-–ches who can’t hold their liquor and can’t keep their legs closed,” Duff added to her post.


She appeared to be referencing Kardashian’s leaked sex tape she filmed with her ex-husband, Ray J.

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Some fans speculated that it was actually Hilton that wrote the response.

“I would bet money that Paris wrote that response,” one TikTok user believed.


“Paris wrote that she talks like that haha,” another user added.

Others were disgusted that Kardashian, who was 27 at the time, would write such revolting messages.

“I’m 27 now and I couldn’t see myself talking to other adults like this,” one user wrote. “27 and doing that is wild,” another user commented. “At 28 I would never talk to someone like that,” another user shared.

It is unknown whether or not Duff and Kardashian ever called a truce.

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