Fans Fear Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff Are No Longer On Speaking Terms After Viral Theory Circulates

Apparently, political differences pushed them apart.

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A viral TikTok has fans of the Duff sisters both worried and intrigued as it asserts that Hilary and Haylie Duff may have been silently feuding for over a year.

The TikToker @jordycrayy, or Jordan, on TikTok, assembled layers of social media evidence to share his theory with users that the “Material Girls” actresses are no longer on speaking terms.

Are Hilary and Haylie Duff feuding?

According to the recent claims, Hilary and Haylie are no longer close and may have been estranged for over a year now.


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In the video, he explains this by giving some background, saying, “What initially caught my attention was that Hilary Duff has not liked any of Haylie Duff’s posts since January 2021.”


Apparently, according to Jordan in his video, the last post that Hilary Duff liked of her sister’s was on Jan. 26, 2021.

Hilary and Haylie Duff no longer interact on social media.

The TikTok points out that, while both sisters are regularly active on social media, they no longer like each other’s posts, nor do they upload any photos together.

Jordan says, “It is important to note that before that Hilary Duff used to like all of Haylie’s stuff, all the time, and she was with her pretty regularly.”

However, the year-long silence seems to call into question if the sisters are still in good terms, especially since they regularly post and like other things on Instagram.


Haylie Duff did not meet her niece right away, despite living close to Hilary.

The TikToker pulls up an article that references Haylie Duff claiming that she had not yet met her sister’s newborn baby weeks after she was born.

While the timeline may point to COVID precautions — Hilary’s baby was born in March of 2021 — the TikToker wonders why they did not decide to work around it and do anything have Haylie meet her niece, even if they played it safe.

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In an April 2021 interview, Haylie revealed that she still hadn't met the baby a month later but claimed it was because of her recent move to Austin and said she planned on meeting the infant soon.


Haylie Duff moved to Austin, TX and stopped spending holidays with Hilary's family.

While the TikTok acknowledges that it “isn’t that weird” for Haylie to choose to move out of Los Angeles, the sisters reportedly claimed they had stopped spending holidays together for the first time.

The TikToker again called their choices into question, saying, “you would think that these people are rich and they have resources; they can fly wherever.”

The video goes on to exclaim that, regardless of when they make time for each other, it seems that they haven’t at all in a long time — at least not publicly.


The TikToker claims that he hasn’t seen a picture of the sisters spending time together in about two years, nor have they gave each other any shout outs since early 2021.

Hilary Duff didn’t wish her sister a happy birthday, but wished her friend one soon after.

Whereas the sisters have made birthday posts for each other in the past — the last one being from Hilary to Haylie in February 2021, there was nothing this year.

Even Hilary’s last post went unliked and uncommented on by her sister.

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This year, there was silence on Haylie’s birthday. However, very soon after, Hilary made a birthday post for a friend on her Instagram — so clearly she has nothing wrong with birthday posts by themselves.


Fans speculated that Haylie's alleged conservative views may have come between the sisters.

Why are things so quiet between the Duff sisters?

Have they merely decided to become private with their relationship, despite years of being very public about it? Or are there other reasons behind it?

One chance theory that this TikToker addresses in a follow-up video is that they have stopped talking over political disputes.



He claims this by explaining that, while Hilary is very liberal politically, people have realized that Haylie might not be.


According to the follow-up video, Haylie Duff follows Candace Owens on Instagram, who is a right-wing media personality.

Others in the comments claimed Haylie has expressed evangelical beliefs online, though she hasn't spoken publicly about her religious beliefs.

Even if it might be a bit of a stretch, early 2021 was a time of major political shifts, so if there was a time for the sisters to have a political disagreement, it would make sense to happen then.


Whatever has pushed these two apart, hopefully they find a way to work things out.

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