A Mom Whose Son Wasn't Invited To A Birthday Party Calls Other Parent & Is Told Exactly Why He Was Excluded

"Were you brought up in a nunnery?"

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Fitting in as a teenager can be hard — getting invited out to all of the parties, making friends, and being the “popular” kid at school can be exhausting work.

However, it probably won’t help your kid’s reputation if you go around asking other parents why he wasn’t invited to their party like Declan’s mom did in this video making its way around the internet.

Declan's mom decides to call another mother, Sandra, after learning her 14-year-old was excluded from a classmate's party.


The mom of the other kid didn't hold back in explaining why the 14-year-old was excluded.

The 3-minute clip begins with Declan’s mom asking Sandra “they’re 14 years old for God’s sake, what do you think they’re going to be getting up to?”

However, there’s more to this story than meets the eye, and the clip goes back to the beginning of the phone conversation.

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After exchanging pleasantries, Declan’s mom announces why she decided to call Sandra, saying “I was just calling as I’ve got a very upset son here at home wondering why he’s not invited to your party.”


Sandra makes it clear that she’s aware of the situation and that Declan was excluded from the party, so his mom continues.

“All of his friends in his class and all the friends that your son and my son hang around with are all invited apart from Declan,” so she is understandably asking: why?

“Unfortunately, I’m rather upset by a few things that he’s done recently that have actually had quite a negative effect on my son,” with the first thing she mentions being introducing Sandra’s son to a vape and vaping.

Declan’s mom doesn’t care that her son vapes and claims it’s better than ‘a cigarette or a spliff.’

Sandra counters her, saying that “It starts with vapes, and then it leads onto cigarettes,” arguing that vaping will trigger a snowball effect into other drugs.


Declan’s mom is astounded, and claims that the kids are vaping so they don’t start using cigarettes, to begin with, but understands that maybe Sandra just doesn’t want her kids around that.

“Well that’s fair enough, that’s fair enough, but it’s a little harsh don’t you think to not let my son to a party because he brought a vape?” Declan’s mom continues.

She thinks that Sandra could have just called her to talk about it instead of choosing to exclude her son from future activities with his friend, but Sandra claims that that’s not all Declan’s done.

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Sandra claims that she caught Declan watching pornography on her son’s phone.

“The next thing I do have to tell you is particularly concerning, there’s no easy way to say this, but I basically caught him watching pornography on my son’s phone,” Sandra exclaims.

Declan’s mom goes “oh my God!” making Sandra believe that she’s finally seen the error of her son’s ways but instead, doubles down on her son’s activities, claiming that it’s okay because he’s “a 14-year-old boy!”

“Going through puberty and he’s watching porn,” she continues. “Sorry, were you brought up in a f--king nunnery? These are teenagers, what were you doing when you was a teenager?”

Sandra argues back that she still doesn’t want her child participating in that behavior, but by this point, Declan’s mom doesn’t want to hear it.


She goes “do you know what Sandra? I’ll make sure my son doesn’t come near you again ok, just f--k off, you are just unreal honestly,” before hanging up.

It’s safe to say that Declan never ended up going to the party, however, there seems to be a deeper issue here than just being excluded from a party.

Parents online believe that Declan’s mom isn’t raising him right.

While some issues might have problems with their son vaping or watching porn, most parents were actually concerned about something else — entitlement.

“This is how kids grow up entitled. Mom is completely enabling him and thinks other parents should go along with it,” one mother on Facebook wrote.


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“This ‘mom’ is doing an injustice to her son! Raising her child to be entitled and protecting him from consequences!” another mother wrote.

Letting her son believe that, regardless of what he does, he deserves to be accepted everywhere will make him feel entitled to everything.


Declan’s mom arguing with Sandra, to begin with, is a signal to him that he should have been invited to his friend’s party regardless, no matter what.

One mother claimed that she never would have called Sandra in this situation, and suggests what Declan’s mom should have done instead.

“I just tell them that not everyone will like you and that’s ok,” she wrote. “It does kids good to realize sometimes people will dislike you.”

Not everything will be handed to you on a silver platter — nor should it be.

It’s up to you to accept yourself for who you are and understand that others may not, and that’s okay.

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