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Megan Fox & MGK Reportedly ‘Fighting A Lot’ After She Snubbed His PDA In Red Carpet Video

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Megan Fox & MGK

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have become a unique celebrity couple, due to their many PDA moments and odd confessions.

Since the couple announced their engagement a couple of months ago, people have been wondering what their plans are and when the two would get married.

However, if the two had any plans, they may be on hold. The couple’s honeymoon period seems to be over as reports of them fighting surface.

Are Megan Fox and MGK having problems?

Sources say the couple are running into some issues and cracks are beginning to show.

Megan Fox dodged Machine Gun Kelly’s PDA on the Red carpet.

The couple attended the 2022 Daily Front Row Awards recently and some tension could be seen between them on the red carpet.

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Their brief tension was caught on camera and fans were quick to decide that the couple had been fighting.

In the video, Fox is seen snubbing Machine Gun Kelly's PDA when he tried to wrap his arms around her from behind.

MGK further tried to talk to Fox in an attempt to make her smile, however, it didn’t seem to work. The 'Transformers' actress just stepped away from MGK while looking annoyed and gave him a glare. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s friends revealed that they have been ‘fighting.’

The red carpet moment can be seen as just a small argument between the two as the video alone isn’t enough to prove that the couple has been fighting.

However, a source close to the couple has revealed that the two have indeed been fighting.

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They mentioned that the couple had been fine when they started dating, however, things may not be smooth sailing for them now.

"They had a good time at Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's wedding and looked super cute,” the source said.

“But friends are worried they could be on the rocks as they have been fighting a lot and getting on each other's nerves.”

Megan Fox’s pregnancy rumors also caused fights between the couple.

The source further talked about some of the reasons for their fights. One of the reasons could be that MGK seems to act like a child when with Fox. 

The source said, "They had an amazing relationship for the first year but now Megan often feels she is dealing with a grown-up child.”

The source also mentioned that MGK gets jealous quite easily when Fox talks to other men. All of this seems to be getting a lot to handle for Fox.

Another reason the couple is experiencing problems is the pregnancy rumors. When MGK dedicated his performance at the Billboard Music Awards to his ‘unborn child’, fans began speculating that Fox might be pregnant.

The source said, "They both feel under pressure because their relationship is so in the public eye and rumors about her pregnancy have also caused arguments.”

The source went as far as assuming that the two might break up if things continue this way and if they do, Fox would be the one to end their relationship.

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