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The Scathing Email Yolanda Hadid Sent Daughter Bella After She Was Arrested For A DUI

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At this point, fans of Bella Hadid and her sister, Gigi Hadid, are well-aware of the accusations that their mother, Yolanda Hadid, is a "toxic" parent.

A moment that contributed to Yolanda being criticized for her parenting happened in 2014 and involved a rather angry email sent from Yolanda to her youngest daughter, Bella.

In June 2014, according to E! News, Bella, then 17, had been arrested for driving under the influence.

Bella had been pulled over by police and given a breathalyzer test, where the model allegedly blew a 0.14 — which is reportedly double the legal limit.

She had allegedly caught the police's attention after she was speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway and flew right past a stop sign, almost crashing into an L.A. County Sherrif's patrol car.

After Bella's arrest, the email Yolanda sent Bella was leaked and began circulating across the internet.

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In the email, Yolanda Hadid called Bella 'spoiled,' 'ungrateful,' and 'careless' for getting a DUI.

In it, Yolanda called her daughter a "spoiled, ungrateful, unthankful, unthoughtful, careless human being."

"How can someone as kind, beautiful and smart as you end up in this kind of mess?" Yolanda wrote. "I have really failed as a mother and that is just the honest truth."

Yolanda continued, questioning how Bella would be able to "survive" while writing that her daughter needed "professional help."

While a DUI is a serious infraction that needs to be addressed and taken seriously, the words Yolanda threw at her daughter in the email were criticized for being extremely cruel.

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Yolanda later opened up about learning of Bella's DUI arrest.

During an episode of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," according to E! News, Yolanda spoke about finding out that Bella had been arrested.

Yolanda revealed that she'd been vacationing on a yacht with Kylie Richards' family and her then-husband, David Foster, when she got the call.

"The minute I answered [the phone] ... my heart just sunk in my shoes," Yolanda said during the episode. "I knew something was wrong."

Yolanda explained how she felt her parenting skills were to blame, continuing, "I raised her as a single mom most of her life, so immediately I started to take it personally, blaming myself."

Yolanda later revealed that as punishment, she'd revoked Bella's phone privileges and social media access.

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Bella Hadid has since talked about her decision to stop drinking.

In a July 2022 interview with W Magazine, Bella candidly spoke about her relationship with alcohol.

"My body does not do well with alcohol," the model told the publication.

"And in the fashion industry, we work a lot. So we feel like at night we can play a lot, and then wake up and do it again. And I realized that is not a sustainable life for me to live."

Bella continued, saying that she used to drink a lot while she was in college.

"After a whole day of school, I had to go to castings ... and I would come home and drink a bottle of wine and end the day."

In September 2021, after announcing the launch of her brand Kin Euphorics, a non-alcoholic beverage company, Bella spoke with Vogue about her history with drinking.

She revealed that she doesn't "socially drink nearly as much as I used to."

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