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DoorDash Driver Asks Customer For 'Any Extra Tip You Could Spare' After They Already Tipped $11

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After a customer generously tipped his DoorDash driver before the driver even delivered her order, she was perplexed after the driver requested even more tip money from her.

The woman claimed that she often goes “above and beyond” to ensure that drivers who deliver food to her house are tipped well. However, this particular incident left her wondering if he deserved a tip at all after his inappropriate request.

Despite the customer already tipping the DoorDash driver $11, he asked for ‘any extra tip you could spare’ since the restaurant took a long time to prepare the order.

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The customer shared a screenshot of the text message exchange between her and her DoorDash driver on the subreddit, r/doordash. The woman explained that she ordered dinner through the online food delivery service, DoorDash, for her family from a restaurant that was three and a half miles away from her home.

She provided the driver with a gracious tip. “I tipped $11, which I thought was respectable,” she wrote. “The suggested tip was $8.50 mid-range and $10.50 at the higher end, so I bumped it up to an even amount because it was the night before the holiday.”

As the driver was waiting at the restaurant to pick up the customer's order, he messaged her to inform her that the order was taking longer than expected. “I’m still waiting on your order sorry about that they’re just really busy here,” he wrote.

The woman replied back thanking the driver for letting her know. However, she was perplexed by the follow-up message she received from him after he picked up her order.

“I just received your order I had to contact DoorDash so I’ll be there shortly, I appreciate any extra tip you could spare but I’m on my way now,” he wrote.

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“I was massively surprised when I saw his reply, mostly because he asked for an extra tip,” the woman admitted, believing that his reasons for requesting an additional tip were out of her control. “Why do I care if he had to contact DoorDash? That's between him and support; I don't need to be involved here,” she added.

She chose not to reply to the driver’s message or give him an extra tip.

The customer reported the driver to DoorDash because of his request.

After the driver dropped off her order, the woman contacted DoorDash to inform the company of his actions.

“We use DD [DoorDash] a lot, and in the past, I have left extra cash if a Dasher had an unexpectedly long wait because I genuinely felt bad, and the restaurant sucked (I'm looking at you, Cracker Barrel),” the woman revealed. “This was not the case here.”

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According to the customer, DoorDash estimated that it would take about an hour for her to receive her order, and even with the driver waiting at the restaurant, it did not take any longer than that.

The woman claimed that when the order arrived, she sent her husband to retrieve it and that the bag was not sealed, which left her feeling “creeped out.” While she did receive credit back from DoorDash due to the incident, she was still left feeling angry about it afterward.

“If he would've gone above and beyond, I absolutely would have added on extra money. The asking for it really put me off,” the woman wrote. She claimed that she is aware of the difficulties of being a DoorDash driver and that she and her husband often go out of their way to make their drivers feel appreciated.

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“One of us tries to watch at the window to say ‘thank you’ and acknowledge our appreciation because I know it's not always an easy job,” she added.

Redditors agreed that the driver was out of line for asking for an additional tip.

“The f–--ing audacity. I work for DoorDash and I would never have the balls omg,” one user commented.

“I would take away the existing tip,” another user shared.

“$11 was great. He’s wild for asking for more. With base pay, he probably got like $13-$14 for 3.5 miles,” another user pointed out.

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Other users noted that the tipping culture in the U.S. has gotten out of control, and many employees are asking for more than they work for.

According to DoorDash, drivers are paid anywhere between $2-$10 per delivery depending on the estimated duration, distance, and desirability of the order. Before accepting an order, drivers are allowed to view how much they will be tipped by the customer and decide for themselves whether or not they want to take it.

In most cases, the etiquette for tipping is to leave 15% to 20% of the total bill, and more if you believe your driver provided outstanding service. Although tipping is certainly not a requirement, it is a popular custom in the U.S. that expresses gratitude and appreciation for customer service workers.

In this case, it was inappropriate of the DoorDash driver to expect an additional tip, given the fact that he had already received a more than generous one.

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